Women's Cardigans


We have a fantastic selection of cardigans for women – wardrobe essentials to layer on or off no matter the weather, in gorgeous colours and fabrics.

Women's Cardigans

Cardigans For Women

  • £22.00 to £26.00

    £55.00 to £65.00

  • £21.00 to £24.00

    £60.00 to £70.00

  • £29.00 to £33.00

    £70.00 to £80.00

  • £25.00 to £29.00

    £80.00 to £90.00

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    £45.00 to £55.00

  • £40.00 to £45.00

    £80.00 to £90.00

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    £70.00 to £80.00

  • £44.00 to £49.00

    £80.00 to £90.00


Choose to shop at Lands' End today to find the perfect women's cardigan for yourself or a woman in your life. Our rich selection of women's cardigan are suitable for a variety of shapes, sizes, and occasions, and come in a range of colours, styles, and prints.

Whether you're looking for a simple yet flattering cardigan to pair with a women's T-shirt for everyday wear, or if you're after a women's cardigan with a bold print for a more statement look, we have you covered. At Lands' End, there really is a women's cardigan to suit every type of lifestyle and preference. We pride ourselves on our vast selection of cardigans for women.

Cardigans are a perfect choice of clothing for chilly mornings, afternoons and evenings. They're also a great choice for simply relaxing comfortably inside the home. Opt for a black cardigan and pair it with a casual pair of women’s jeans for running errands during the day-to-day. The great aspect of a good black cardigan is that it really does pair well with anything. Choose a flattering long cardigan for dining out in the evenings. Alternatively, a short sleeve cardigan, women's red cardigan, a coral cardigan or a blue cardigan provides the perfect statement piece.

Because of our extensive variety of sizes, styles, and colours, you're sure to find the perfect cardigan at Lands' End. We make it easy to shop online and our customer service representatives are there to make your shopping experience even better. Imagine your perfect cardi and find it easily when you shop for a cardigan for women or long cardigan today at Lands' End.