Women's Blouses


Take your pick of our women’s tunics, blouses and popovers in beautiful fabrics – from pure linen and non-iron cotton to cord and denim.

Women's Blouses

Women's Blouses

Blouses for women

We women have always rather liked the option of a longer length top as a flattering way to cover the widest part of the body – and a women’s tunic top is the ideal style to do just that. Usually designed for a more casual look, tunic tops can give a wonderful feeling of confidence as they are an elegant way to disguise lumps and bumps we’d rather not show. Worn with jeans, slim leg trousers and leggings, they help to balance the figure. But we don’t stop at casual looks, our tunics for women can also be dressed up for occasions, in softer, more fluid fabrics, like cotton-modal jersey, linen blends, and silky viscose knits. The beauty of tunic tops is that they are incredibly versatile. Just like our women’s shirts, they’re perfect for work, worn simply over a pair of trousers for the office. Slip them over your skinny jeans , chinos or leggings for the weekend and you have comfortable style in an instant – dress them up over velvet trousers or your favourite luxe leggings and add a piece of statement jewellery and you’re ready to go out on the town.

Whatever the season – There’s a womens tunic top to suit.

Tunics lend themselves to being made in a wide variety of fabrics – so they are adaptable to every season. From lighter weight jersey knits such as cotton-modal and viscose jersey for the spring and summer months, to substantial cotton jerseys (like the Breton tops for example) and super-soft fleeces that take care of cooler weather. Then of course, they come in woven fabrics of every kind, too. So our crisp, fresh, non-iron shirts are also available in a popover version too – slightly longer so you can wear it untucked. Soft, pre-washed linen fabric creates beautifully airy and cool tops that are ideal for spring and summer months and are particularly loved during holiday seasons. For autumn and winter, you can choose from our softest brushed cotton flannel tunics for women, and baby cord tops too. And as ever, each tunic we make is Quality. Guaranteed.

Would you believe…

The modern day tunic for women has been worn for millennia throughout the world. It was worn extensively by both men and women in Roman times and was a straight cut garment, often embroidered and embellished, striped or plain, dependant on the status of the wearer. The Celtic nations have been wearing tunics for as long as pictorial evidence shows.