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Women Soft Trousers

Women's soft trousers


Designed for a more comfortable fit, our soft trousers in jersey, linen, velour, and more, are the perfect easy-going essentials for every day.

Women's soft trousers
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    £60.00 to £70.00

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    £60.00 to £70.00


Look through a great selection of casual trousers for women here at Lands' End and get ready for any occasion. There are a variety of options for regular, plus size and petite sizes in a number of colours. These ladies casual trousers are perfect for that lounge and relax time, where your trousers won't weigh you down. These trousers will feel light and free as you go about your day of relaxation.

You can wear these casual trousers with women T-shirts and a pair of the most comfortable shoes for a really down-to-earth look. Look forward to that lazy Sunday or a day out at the park with family because these are the trousers that are your go-to for these relaxing events.

These lightweight summer trousers are a great addition to your wardrobe for the spring and summer as they let the breeze move freely on your skin. They don't fit tightly or weigh on you. These trousers are so comfortable they just might become your favourite pair. Who wouldn't want to wear a pair of trousers that don't weigh you down? This is especially true when you're heading out for a long journey or sitting for hours in the office. The last thing you want to worry about is feeling tied down by our choice of trousers.

Other occasions where these summer trousers will be a hit include going to the cinema, being on the sofa with kids and pets, and having a cup of tea with a book. These ladies trousers can also work wonders in the cold seasons as they keep you warm while still allowing you to feel at ease at home. Lands' End is your place to shop for women's casual trousers that are perfect for your chill-out moments.

These loose-fitting casual trousers will allow you to feel comfortable going about your daily activities. If you want to add some clothes to your wardrobe that are truly enjoyable to wear, browse through Lands' End's selection of casual trousers.