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5 Tips for Taking the Kids to a Holiday Party

5 Tips for Taking the Kids to a Holiday Party

While the holidays are full of cheer, good feelings, and lots of activity, everybody in the family wants to make sure that it goes smoothly. Even your toddler wants to avoid making a dramatic scene. Your Christmas sweaters and Christmas matching pajamas have you outfitted like a traveling family band and you’re ready for the festivities. Here’s a stocking-full of tips to ready you and your kids for those holiday parties.


First make sure that the kids are welcome to tag along. If you’re the only parent with kids attending, then you’re going to be playing babysitter all night while the adults do all the talking. Also if you and your tot show up in matching flannel shirts to a room full of professionals it will seem like you brought a delicious pecan pie and forgot the sugar. If your tiny plus one’s welcome is not explicitly stated it’s worth double checking with the host.

Playtime Casual vs Formal Wear

Some invitations are vague on what’s appropriate to wear. Especially for kids. Is it a white stocking, white turtleneck, plaid dress type of function? Or is a cozy kids’ sweater and easy leggings the way to go. Luckily for you, the kids have more leeway when it comes to formality. Assume comfort. Happy, comfortable kids are way more festive and fun. Some dress-up clothes can be super fun for kids, too. Look for clothes with stretch, elastic waists, breathable fabrics, and keep layers light. Especially if they’re going to be active (hint: they’re always going to be active).

Mind Your Manners

We know you tell them all the time, but remind them to be respectful, say hello, thank you, and goodbye. There’s no need to brush up on their curtsy or practice air kisses. But a simple greeting goes a long way in building their self esteem and upping the “aw” factor. Have them time the greetings with taking off their kids’ winter coats. They might be shy so remind them to get out of their comfort zone a little bit. If they’re a social butterfly then they might want to talk to the adults the whole time, but it’s important to let them socialize with the other kids too.

Gimme the Games

Hey, why not bring some games? In all the wackadoodle prep, the host may not have all the fun and games that can make a party shine. A classic board game with simple rules can have the kids distracted so you can ask where the host got that stunning red cardigan and then talk about how the holidays have been treating her. Let her kick off her sparkle shoes and curl up on the cozy throw and play a few classic games.


Bring a blanket for the car ride home. Your little celebrator will likely be tuckered out by the end of the night and a blanket will help them fall asleep on the car ride home. Slip off their girls snow boots and wrap it around their toes. Chances are good they’ll be snoozing before you round the first corner.

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