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How to Freshen up Your Home for the New Season

How to Freshen up Your Home for the New Season

One of the best things about having different seasons is that each one allows for a new reset and a change of scenery. But that scenery need not be limited to the great outdoors. You can enjoy the change of scenery right in your own home. So if you are looking for new ways to freshen up your house so that it becomes the home of your dreams, take a look at all the things you can do for each season.

Spring: Declutter

That’s right. Spring cleaning. Spring represents a fresh, new start, so there's no better time to take on the task of decluttering your home than spring. Start by taking a look at your closet and investing in organizational products like a high-quality laundry hamper and storage baskets. There are bound to be at least a few clothing items you could do without. Take on a smaller-sized project first, like organizing your wardrobe collection, before moving on to a slightly more daunting task. Go through your kitchen. Throw away expired items in the fridge, look through your cupboards, organize pots and pans, and top off cleaning solutions and dish soaps. Make your home a haven in spring by decluttering one room at a time.

Summer: Minimalize

In the spring, you declutter, and in the summer, you minimalize. When you have done away with all the clutter in your home, it will be easier to achieve that minimalist aesthetic. Nothing feels better than having a spacious, open, airy home in the summer. Once you’ve decluttered, you can seriously audit the rest of your belongings to determine what you need. Donate anything that no longer serves you. Another great thing to do is save throughout the rest of the year so that come fall, you can treat yourself to something lavish, like new patio furniture or a backyard pool.

Fall: Add Warmth

Sure, everything about the scenery of fall is gorgeous and picturesque. The pumpkins, the fall veggies, the foliage... but with all that beauty comes to the inevitable dip in temperatures. So while it’s great fun to head out to the pumpkin patch for the day and sip apple cider, at the end of it all, nothing sounds better than cozying up on the couch in your warm home. Take out all those fuzzy women’s sweaters and extra throw blankets that you kept in storage during the spring and summer. Add some fall-themed décor like pumpkins, a harvest-themed centerpiece, and string lights. Make way for all those delicious fall recipes and infuse the scents of apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin throughout your home. Write a list of all the things you want to do throughout the fall season, the fall soup recipes you’ve been dying to try, and all the items you need to decorate your home. A list gives you a better idea of what you want or need to do first and will give you things to look forward to all season.

Winter: Make it Festive

Making your home festive shouldn’t be done solely for the holiday season in December. If you live in a particularly cold, snowy climate, keep your home festive all winter long. Get through those dreary, bleak January days when the post-holiday season blues hits by keeping your home festively decorated. This doesn’t necessarily mean keeping your Christmas decorations up until the first day of spring. But it could mean doing little things to decorate for all the fun and holidays. Keep the New Year's décor up a few weeks after January first. Find cute decorations for Valentine’s Day. Invest in some properly Irish décor for St Patrick’s Day. You get the picture. Decorate your home for each winter holiday to have something to look forward to during the coldest time of year.

If you aren’t keen on having an endless supply of holiday decorations strung up throughout your home, you can do other things to liven up your home throughout the dead of winter. The key is to make your home a sanctuary, a place of respite after a long, cold, hard day. The first step is making sure it’s clean. There is something very mentally satisfying about being able to relax and unwind in a clean home.

The next step is to fill the rooms in your house with scents. Light your favorite candle, or warm up the kitchen and fill it with pleasant aromas by baking. Add more warmth to your home by lighting it up with Edison bulbs, candles, and other flattering, warm lighting that isn’t fluorescent. Finally, pull out a few extra blankets to drape across your living room sofa and over your bed. Everything about your home in the winter should scream “cozy” and show off a very inviting ambiance that anyone would love to visit.

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