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How to Style Different Boot Styles for Fall

How to Style Different Boot Styles for Fall

One of the best parts of fall is getting to wear boots. But with so many options, how do you style them? Let’s look at some great choices, from cozy and casual to sleek and sophisticated.

Short Ankle Booties

Short ankle booties are the shortest of the short boots. They work wonders for providing a little more insulation than traditional shoes while increasing those fashion options. Because the top of the boot grazes your ankle, short ankle booties aren’t designed for stuffing jeans into the top. In fact, a sliver of skin can be a good thing with a short ankle bootie. You can roll your women's jeans to a proportional cuff (about an inch maximum) and have a slight gap between the boot and hem of your jeans. Add a women’s white blouse or a big, comfy sweater for an instant outfit. Ankle booties are also a great companion to a casual dress with a flared skirt to help bridge that summer to fall fashion gap.

Medium-Height Ankle Booties

Medium-height ankle booties are one of the most versatile options in your fall wardrobe. With a slightly higher boot shaft, you can wear jeans over the boot or roll them up with a slightly deeper cuff (about 2 inches maximum). They can also look great with a women’s tunic top for leggings or a dress and leggings. Medium-height ankle booties will keep you warm and cozy as the temperature drops outside. Add a women’s cardigan for more warmth and style.

Keep materials and detailing in mind. Many medium-height ankle booties have a bit of a western flair in the cut of the toe and that “cowboy boot angled heel”, some even add fringe for fun. Suede can be a nice option in a medium-height ankle bootie (just take a little extra care with suede even if you use a suede waterproofing product).

Chelsea boots are one of the best options when it comes to medium-height ankle booties. You can tell a Chelsea boot by the elasticized panel on the boot shaft. This makes them easy to pull on and off while looking sleek. A pair of black Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple that can take you everywhere from a fall football game to a weekend in the city and back to the office.

Tall Boots

There’s nothing like a tall boot for comfort and style while chasing away the chill. One of the most important things to keep in mind with tall boots is a proper fit. You don’t just need a shoe bed that will fit and support your feet, and you need the right height and width of the boot shaft to keep you comfortable and stylish all day.

Start by measuring the circumference of your calf and jotting this down. When looking at boot candidates, try them on and make sure that the boots fit you. Calves are like every other part of your body —there is no “one size fits all,” and you deserve to look and feel great in your new boots. Petite women will need a slightly shorter tall boot to look proportional, while taller women will need a bit more length in the boot shaft. Make sure to take good care of your boots. In addition to keeping them clean and caring for the leather properly, invest a few dollars in a pair of tall boot shapers to keep the boot shafts from getting creased over time.

The classic, clean lines of a riding boot are a fantastic option with jeans or leggings tucked into them and can also be worn with jeans over them. Add a women’s winter vest for added style and warmth. Keep different colors of boots in mind, too. Black and cognac are great choices.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots can make you look and feel fabulous and are easier to style than they seem. And don’t worry, you can look beautiful with no danger of being mistaken for a pirate!

Like tall boots, over-the-knee boots have additional requirements for fit. You need to make sure that the calf and the top of the thigh all fit properly to keep you comfortable. When shopping for over-the-knee boots, think about options for fit, like an elastic panel in the back of the boot. This will keep you looking great while creating an extra range of motion for going throughout your day or dancing throughout your evening. Neutral colors are best when it comes to a statement piece like over-the-knee boots. Black can look dramatic, but softer browns and greys would look lovely, too. Leggings and a simple dress are a great choice with over-the-knee boots.

However, you choose to style your fall boots, have fun with them!

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