How to buy

The essential guide to

the perfect jeans

How to buy the perfect jeans

Jeans are available in endless variations of cuts, colours and fabric compositions. Our guide to the different types of jeans available will help you shop for jeans with confidence. Finding the perfect pair of jeans for your body shape can be time consuming and confusing. For example, it is important to know that a pair of straight cropped jeans can make short legs appear even shorter.

Which waist should my jeans have?

For a flattering fit choose jeans with a mid- to high-waist that is slimming and smoothing. A low- rise waistband that digs into your tummy will be uncomfortable and annoying, and your look will be ruined by ugly lumps and bumps.

Will mid-rise jeans suit me?

Mid-rise jeans sit below the navel and stop unattractive muffin top. These jeans are the most wearable style of the moment, suiting the most body shapes:

  • First choice if you carry weight around your tummy and are an apple or heart body shape
  • Generous coverage suits curvy petite frames who want to look leaner
  • Sits about 1.5 inches below the natural waistline

Are high-waisted jeans flattering?

High-waisted jeans are a popular choice. They sit on or just above the navel and look good worn with tucked in tops and chunky belts:

  • Considerate of rounded tummies
  • Good for pear shapes wanting a compact fit around hips, bottom and waistline
  • Give the illusion of longer legs
  • Athletic build? High waisted jeans create curves

What other types of jeans are there?

When shopping for jeans, it’s helpful to understand all of the descriptions used:

What are tapered jeans?

Tapered jeans are a versatile alternative to straight jeans and baggy jeans.

  • Are cut to become narrower from the thigh to the ankle, not straight cut from top to bottom
  • Tapered jeans come in at the ankle for a neat fit rather than widening out to accommodate footwear

What are boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans have a slouchy and relaxed cut which offers women a looser fit.

  • Are oversized for a roomy fit around the thighs
  • Designed to resemble the jeans worn by men – hence the jokey nickname
  • We don’t suggest that women wear a pair of men’s jeans
  • Boyfriend jeans with cuffs look fashionable worn with pumps

What are bootcut jeans?

Bootcut jeans have a characteristic outward taper designed to accommodate a boot or shoe. Splaying out from the ankle, the size of this taper sits between a straight leg and a flared leg shape.

  • Bootcut jeans are recommended to give curvy hips a slimmer appearance
  • Dark indigo bootcut jeans can make larger thighs appear slimmer
  • Bootcut jeans can bring equilibrium to hourglass, apple and pear shape body types or woman with larger thighs

What are girlfriend jeans?

Girlfriend jeans are a feminine version of boyfriend jeans designed with a closer fit and a higher waist.

  • Girlfriend jeans have a slimmer leg shape, discernable taper
  • They have a flattering, not slouchy, fit
  • Girlfriend jeans offer a fashionable yet self-assured and relaxed weekend look

What are mom jeans?

This style of jeans, which was originally popular in the 1980s and 1990s, has made a significant fashion comeback.

  • Mom jeans are high waisted and straight legged
  • These jeans offer a relaxed, comfortable fit
  • Mom jeans should fit perfectly around your waist negating the need for a belt
  • They are popular with women of all ages