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Working towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly denim

New this season, we introduce two new denims with eco credentials. Our Water Conserve Jeans and EcoVero Jeans. Both denims blend cotton and elastane with eco-friendly yarns designed to go some way to reducing emissions.

Meet the jeans that take less water to produce.

There has to be a more sustainable way to create the jeans we love. With the Lands’ Friendly promise to cut back and eliminate wasteful practices, we set out to find a better process to create the jeans you love. We believe we found it. Introducing water conserve jeans.

Sustainably made jeans? Tell us more.

Realizing how much the apparel industry consumes water in operation, many manufacturers have been trying to work their way to a greener production process. Water stewardship is a priority.

By changing from traditional dying standards to more cutting-edge techniques, like using lasers to create the whiskering effects, we’re seeing reductions in the amount of water used. From start to finish, water conserve eco-friendly jeans use far less water than traditional methods. It’s a sustainable option and it gives your jeans a quality that you may never have gotten in the past.

This is a massive advantage when you start the manufacturing process with sustainability in mind. It leads to a more earth-friendly product without sacrificing any of the fit, colour and comfort of jeans.


Most jeans don’t tell you how they’re made. Not on the tag and definitely not when you ask them. Knowing that it takes gallons of fresh water to produce a single pair of jeans makes even the most avid denim wearer cringe. With a new water less approach, Lands’ End will use about 85% less water to get those jeans just right. Being able to use recycled water, laser technology, and other advanced processing options, the steps that include water have been cut dramatically. That’s less chemical waste, less water use, and more practical approaches to a sustainable product.

Ecovero blend denim

Our EcoVero jeans are made in a beautifully soft, cotton-rich blend of denim with 27% of EcoVero viscose in the mix. Viscose adds a soft handle to the fabric and EcoVero is a sustainable viscose with the lowest environmental impact based on three pillars: USE OF CERTIFIED AND CONTROLLED SUSTAINABLE WOOD SOURCES (FSC® OR PEFC® CERTIFIED), ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTION PROCESS, AND SUPPLY CHAIN TRANSPARENCY.

Supply chain transparency

A special manufacturing system enables LENZING ECOVERO branded Viscose fibres to be identified in the final product, even after long textile processing and conversion steps through the value chain. Environmentally conscious consumers can be assured that our denim incorporates genuine LENZING ECOVERO eco-responsible Viscose in their blend.

Sustainable wood and pulp sourcing/procurement

ECOVERO fibres are produced using pulp, which is derived from the renewable resource wood as raw material. Lenzing purchases wood and pulp derived from responsibly managed forests and certified to come from sustainable sources.

Key benefits

Up to 50% lower emissions & water impact than generic viscose. The manufacturing of LENZING ECOVERO fibres generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose.

Denim fabrics – the guide

Denim jeans started out life as rugged cotton utility clothes.
Over the years, as jeans became a staple in many people’s wardrobe, the innovations came fast and furious, both in fabric blends and in styling. Adding various degrees of stretch, and blending different yarns into the mix, has given Lands’ End the scope to create jeans with an amazing fit and an unparalleled level of comfort, plus a wide range of finishes – from a softer handle, to breathability, temperature control and more.

All of our denim jeans: classic RIGID styles in pure natural cotton, and stretch denims using the latest yarn technologies, have strength and durability built in. Those with stretch also feature great recovery (so you can forget the saggy knees syndrome of old) while retaining the look of authentic denim.

Denim types - which to choose

How do you tell the difference between types of denim, and which jeans are best for you? This handy guide explains the different levels of stretch and the qualities associated with each blend.

Rigid - No stretch

If you like your jeans with a classic, non-stretch, authentic look and feel, Rigid Denim Jeans are for you. They may feel slightly stiffer when you first put them on, but they ‘break in’ beautifully over time as you wash and wear them.

360º Super Stretch

Wow! These are the bees knees of fit and comfort! So, if you like your jeans to fit snugly, without pinching – and want a slim, streamlined silhouette that looks like it was made for you – this denim should be your fabric of choice! As the name indicates, the 360º fabric is the ultimate in all-round stretch – with the elastane in both warp and weft, it creates a 4-way super-stretch fabric, and also (very important) it has great recovery as well – so kiss baggy seats and knees goodbye. The blend of different yarns help soften and refine the feel of the denim, while maintaining the authentic twill weave appearance. And all the styles in this fabric have a modern, snug, made-for-you fit through the hips and thighs, and yet remain incredibly comfortable to wear.

Comfort - 2%-3% stretch

These jeans have an authentic look; classic denim twill with a very high cotton content and just a touch of stretch added for comfort. They come in a wide range of washes and colours, in High Waisted and Mid Rise and a range of leg shapes, Classic Straight, Slim Straight, Skinny, Bootcuts and Ankle Jeans for women; Traditional Fit, Straight Fit, Slim Fit and Comfort Waist for men.

Advanced Stretch

Another modern miracle of denim technology – our ‘advanced’ denims may contain only 2-3% elastane - yet the fabric can stretch up to 30% or more than in its relaxed state. And that’s all down to the blend of fibres and the way they’re woven, that gives the fabric its amazing capacity for ‘give’. The perfect denim for our pull-on Legging Jeans and skinny styles that require plenty of give for exceptional movement with comfort as a given.