When downtime calls, reach for our men's sweatshirts & hoodies – where comfort comes first, and durability is built in.
Mens Sweatshirts

Men Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Whatever kind of shape your down time takes, it’s what our mens hoodies were invented for: weekends with the kids, mornings at the gym, evenings in front of a box set on the TV. Any time you flip into ‘off duty’ mode, you can count on one of these easy going tops to enhance your sense of wellbeing and help you make the most of your R & R. And if you’re simply not a hoodie kind of guy, rest assured the same goes for our mens sweatshirts, too. Both are made 100% for comfort – and naturally when there’s a Lands’ End label involved, you’re absolutely guaranteed it’s going to be of the long lasting variety.

The thing is, while they may be the ultimate in casual styling, too many mens hoodies are just too casually made. Built to a pile ’em high price, in fabrics that aren’t up to scratch, so that before long they’ve worn through and wound up in landfill. This throwaway approach isn’t what we’re about; just like our mens sweatshirts, in fact just like every product we sell, we’d rather build to the best possible quality, using the best possible fabrics and the best possible construction. It’s certainly not the cheapest way of doing things, but when you can measure wear in years rather than months, and you become so attached to your LE hoodie that you can’t bear to be parted from it, it all makes sense. You get infinitely more comfort and durability for your money, and landfill can wait.

You only have to read what our customers say about our mens sweatshirts to see what we mean; there’s so much appreciation for the soft, substantial fabrics we use, the beautiful finishing and extra details. All the effort is rewarded – our passion for quality acknowledged with rave reviews. Who’d have thought mens hoodies could earn such high praise? We’re just happy to make clothes that make people happy!