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Top Cashmere Sweaters For Any Family Member

The perfect gift usually meets a few key criteria: it's a present that's personal, useful and something that the recipient can really enjoy. A brand-new cashmere sweater is an excellent way to check the boxes for all three of these requirements perfectly.

Cashmere is an ultra-luxe knit that's soft and breathable and feels wonderful to wear. Cashmere sweaters are also incredibly versatile, which means you can usually find a sweater that's a perfect fit for anyone you love.

In fact, we think it's possible to find a sweater that is just right for every member of your family. Want to put our theory to the test? These examples prove our point.

Cashmere Sweaters For Moms

A beautiful cashmere sweater is a classic gift for moms. However, if you shop for one the right way, this classic present can become a personal gift that feels one-of-a-kind–a present your mom will love for years to come.

The trick is to select the style that's a perfect fit for her fashion sense. If your mom loves feminine fashions, look for a sweater with pretty details, like sleeves decorated with delicate ties or pretty fluted edges. If she's the type who prefers outfits that are easy to quickly match and go, create a cashmere twinset in her favorite color by choosing a short-sleeved sweater and a matching cashmere cardigan, or perhaps a cashmere poncho she can easily toss over jeans or leggings for a stylish weekend look.

The kind of mom who likes something unique to wear when she joins her friends for a glass of wine might enjoy a cashmere turtleneck in a pretty, on-trend pattern.

You'll know you've found the right gift for your mom when you look at it and think, "That's so her!"

Cashmere Sweaters For Dads

If your dad is looking to be pampered, try looking for a gorgeous men's cashmere sweater for him. It's a gift that'll keep him warm, comfortable, and stylish all year long.

If your dad has the kind of casual style that finds him wearing blazers to work or every weekend, a men's cashmere turtleneck is a solid match for everything from his favorite navy jacket to a fashionable tweed version. Is he an active guy who likes to spend his time outside? Then opt for a sportier version of the cashmere sweater, like a men's cashmere mock turtleneck or a men's cashmere crewneck that'll look great tossed over his favorite polo or flannel shirt.

Cashmere Sweaters for Sisters

Cashmere is a knit fabric that gets even softer and more beautiful with time and wear–as long as it's treated gently. If you're thinking of a cashmere sweater for your sister, it can help to think of it as an investment in a wardrobe item that she can use to create outfits for years to come.

If she doesn't have much cashmere in her closet already, consider selecting pieces that will work as elegant basics. Pick sweaters in neutral hues (or in her favorite colors) that she can combine to create any number of outfits. Classic styles like cashmere cardigans seem custom made for mixing and matching with everything from elegant t-shirts, rocker t-shirts, floral dresses, and thick wool pencil skirts.

Use what you know about your sister's personality to make her life a little easier. If she's always rushed in the morning, for example, get her a cashmere sweater that's easy to pull on so she can make it to work on time, like a cashmere tunic or a pretty patterned cashmere pullover that looks pulled together even without any other accessories.

Of course, for sisters who might live with you, there's a built-in bonus that comes from buying a beautiful sweater as a gift: you can choose one that matches your wardrobe, too!

Cashmere Sweaters for Brothers

Want to help your brother out? Get him a men's cashmere sweater that will take his wardrobe to the next level. Does he like rocking the hipster look? Find a men's cashmere crewneck pullover in bright stripes–it'll look terrific layered over his hoodie with jeans and casual-cool sneakers. If he's more the sporty type, look for a cashmere sweater like a button mock or Henley.

For a gift that will really make his life better, give him something that makes him look casually sophisticated. Get him a sweater that's perfect for his next big date, like a universally flattering classic, such as a men's cashmere v-neck.

There's a good chance that your future in-law will thank you.

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