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Monogrammed Robes

Gorgeous Monogrammed Robes for Mom & Dad

Parents are notoriously difficult to buy for. And if yours aren’t, consider yourself lucky. They typically already have collected everything they’ve needed in life. And in terms of what they want, let’s face it, they haven’t been able to truly spoil themselves with something they want since you were born. And if they have, they likely felt guilty for it. That’s why it is important to remember our parents on birthdays and holidays and whenever we feel inclined to remind them that they deserve something special. What’s a gift that they don’t know they need but would really appreciate? A gorgeous monogrammed robe.

Consider Flannel Robes

Try monogrammed flannel robes made of soft flannel on the outside and plush sherpa fleece on the inside. An added bonus is a comfy shawl collar to keep the cold off your neck and an easy-tie belt to keep everything in place. Extra detail like the turned-back cuffs and the reinforced patch pockets show that it’s more than just a typical robe. Plus, they go down to the calf, so they are the perfect length. And they’re machine washable, so they’re easy to care for and look brand-new every time you take them out of the machine.

Stick with Terry Cloth Robes if They’re Not Fans of Flannel

Terry cloth robes are the types used at fancy spas around the country. They’re plush and cuddly, water-absorbent, have a shawl collar and turned-back cuffs for added detail, and offer reinforced patch pockets since a robe isn’t a robe without pockets. It reaches the midcalf, comes in a variety of colors and is easy to personalize because of its solid color.

Monogram However You Like

Initials aren't the only thing you can add to a robe when you monogram it. You can add other types of text or symbols as well. If you share an inside joke, add an emoji to represent it. If your dad is really into music, throw a musical symbol on there. Or simply put a gold medal on it to show that he’s the best dad in the world. There are lots of customizable options to personalize your robe and make it a great gift.

You Don’t Have to Match Them

Just because you’re gifting your mom and dad monogrammed robes doesn’t mean they both have to look alike. They probably have different styles anyway, so if you’re going to gift them something they like, do it right. For example, your dad might prefer a thick men’s flannel robe, while your mom might want something more feminine, like a smooth, soft Supima cotton robe that drapes her figure without being too clingy. This robe has a midcalf length, clean-finished edges for an overall neat appearance, reinforced patch pockets and a belt with loops to help it stay in place.

Find the Right Size

The good thing about gifting a set of robes is that they are very forgiving in terms of sizing. They don’t need to fit “just right,” but when belted in front of you, they somehow always do. Still, it’s best to at least shoot into the right ballpark when determining what size robe to gift.

Add Some Matching Slippers

If you want to go above and beyond for your parents this year, gift them a pair of slippers to match the robe. Whether suede leather, felt, Sherpa fleece or any other material you choose, they’re sure to appreciate how “extra” you were this year. Plus, slippers can be monogrammed as well.

Especially in winter, a comfy robe can make it so much easier to get out of bed in the morning. In addition, monogramming it gives it just the personal touch you want when giving a gift. Besides, if you’ve ever witnessed your parents’ sleeping attire, you probably even wish that they would wear a robe, right? For an extra special effect, stick a little note or card in the pocket that says something like, “Even when I’m not around, you can wrap this snuggly robe around you and consider it a big hug from me.” Aw, so cheesy, we know. But as parents ourselves, we know they’ll love it.

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