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A Guide to Must-Have Fall Footwear for Women

A Guide to Must-Have Fall Footwear for Women

Fall is such a fabulous, fun season. What other time of year will you be able to drink in the beautiful view of yellow, orange, and red leaves against the clear blue sky or whip up delicious recipes like pumpkin bread and apple tart? Fall is the season to sip hot apple cider, go on hayrides, carve pumpkins and curl up with your significant other as you binge Halloween movies.

Fall is arguably the best time of year to experiment with your wardrobe and debut new styles you’ve never worn before. Footwear, of course, is a huge part of fashion, and if you are thinking of revamping your current selection of footwear, make sure you remember these fall footwear trends.

Ballet Flats

Provided the weather is still relatively warm (thinks 60s) and you don’t have sludgy mud or frost to trudge through, ballet flats make for great fall footwear. They’re elegant, yet simple, fashionable, and functional. A ballet flat style that is very fitting for the fall season is the elastic slip-on ballet flats in a blue, green, and black plaid design. If you want something cheerier and a touch more festive, go for the bow ballet flats in a cranberry color. And great ballet flats that can withstand the outdoors are the elastic mesh ballet flats that you can get in baroque rose, deep-sea navy, or light gray. Finally, if you are going to have a few pairs of ballet flats, you can’t forget to include a classic black pair that can be worn with just about any outfit like with women’s skinny jeans, a sweater, or a dress.


Loafers, like ballet flats, come in a variety of styles and for this reason, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one style. While summer seems to be sandals’ time of year, fall is when loafers really get a chance to shine. There is a style for every occasion; a black leather slip-on loafer for office attire, suede leather slip-on loafers in a color like Berry Burst or Gold Metallic when you need something casual for an afternoon coffee date, or calf hair leather slip-on loafers in a black-and-white zebra design when you feel like making a fashion statement.

Insulated Flannel-Lined Chelsea Duck Boots

Fall is the official boot season. Sure, winter calls for boots, too, but fall is the time to show off a myriad of cute styles, whereas winter boots are more about utility and getting you through the cold, wet, slushy snow. And because the fall season is boot season, there is no need to limit yourself to just one pair. Show off as many styles as you want. However, don’t forget the queen of fall boots: the insulated flannel-lined Chelsea duck boots. These are the boots you want to wear on a cold November day or if you get caught in a rainstorm (thanks, waterproof feature!). But the duck boots can just as easily be worn on a crisp, sunny fall afternoon with a pair of leggings and a tunic. They’re the kind of boot you want to have on when you go to a pumpkin patch with the whole family, run around a corn maze, or head to the local high school football game. They will never fail to keep your feet warm, even on a miserably rainy November day when the temperatures dip into the 30s.


When fall arrives and the weather starts to get cooler, you don’t just need outdoor footwear, you need indoor “shoes” too. And those shoes are slippers. Warm, cozy, fuzzy, slippers. They are an essential part of your women’s pajama ensemble. Fewer things are worse than walking around hardwood floors or another cold material in bare feet. Keep warm even on the coldest autumn evening by slipping into a pair of your favorite slippers. The hard part is figuring out what your favorite pair is. Is it the sherpa fleece bootie house slipper (which, as the name implies, is more of a bootie than just typical slippers)? These are great because they’ll keep your ankles warm instead of just your feet. If your philosophy is “the more fur the better,” then the suede leather shearling fur scuff slippers in dark gray, English tan, or gold metallic may be for you.

But why limit yourself to just one pair? Why not have a couple of different styles on hand? After all, wouldn’t it be better to have a spare pair of slippers lying around in case you misplace your go-to pair? A few great choices include knit fuzzy clog slippers, suede leather shearling fur moccasin slippers, or velvet shearling moccasins. And then, of course, there are many different design options to choose from like slippers with snowflake prints, colorful plaid slippers, holiday-themed slippers, and monogrammed slippers. Monogrammed slippers make for an excellent gift for a family member or close friend (but they’ll also make a great gift for you).

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