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Jackets to Style With Flannel Shirts

Jackets to Style with Flannel Shirts

Nothing keeps you cozy quite like your favorite selection of flannel shirts. Flannel is a soft, cozy material that pairs well with virtually any jacket to bring you the ultimate in warmth this winter season. Here's a look at a few of our favorite flannel trends this season that you've got to sport.

Keep it Casual

First and foremost, flannel is a casual look. Meant to keep you cozy and looking great, flannel is best paired with something like your favorite pair of women's black jeans, cozy, ankle-high boots, and a snug winter jacket. When styling flannel, keep things as casual as possible. Don't be afraid to wear some ripped denim or a funky fedora with your flannel look. Outerwear shouldn't be super-fitted to accommodate for flowy, unbuttoned flannel. You want to select a jacket that looks comfortable but doesn't squeeze your arms or shoulders.

Layer up

Since most flannel shirts are button-down, flannel leads to awesome opportunities to layer up for a comfortable, relaxed look. Start by selecting the perfect pair of women's jeans.

If you're wearing boots, go for either a wide-leg jean or a skinny jean to show off your gams. Skinnier pants tend to work best since they balance the flowy, baggy nature of your flannel shirt.

Next, slip on the perfect basic tee that shares a color or complements the flannel plaid design. You can tuck in your shirt for a more fashion-forward look or leave it untucked for a relaxed fit. Slip on some flannel without buttoning it up for a casual vibe that says relaxation.

Your outerwear should match your flannel. The best winter coats for flannel are ones that complement the relaxed look. Select a coat that has an outdoorsy look, such as a hunter-style jacket with plenty of pockets and a cinched waist, or a down puffy jacket that puts off a sportier vibe. Consider leaving your jacket unzipped to show off your layered look if the weather allows it.

Get Outdoorsy

Flannel shirts and winter jackets are well-suited for the outdoors thanks to their thermal properties. Get outside and go for a hike without worrying about the cold this season by pairing your flannel shirt with a fleece jacket for optimal warmth. On warmer weather days, you can often get away with wearing a flannel shirt and a windbreaker instead. Since you'll be moving in the outdoors, you will generate plenty of body heat. The key is to not build up too much sweat, which eventually evaporates and leaves you feeling cold, so regulate your layers according to your body heat as you hike. This means you'll need fewer layers to keep you warm. Always pack a lightweight jacket just in case, but often the flannel is all you'll need to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

Blocky Basics

Flannel is best layered with basic, solid colors to draw attention to the plaid designs. Select basic tees and turtlenecks that complement your flannel shirts. The same goes for your outerwear. You'll want to utilize basic colors, such as greys, blacks, reds, and blues that match your flannel shirt. Big block colors ensure that the design of the flannel sticks out and is the center of attention.

Use basic colors throughout your look. Keep pants and boots simple too to highlight the casual edge to flannel. Select an arsenal of tees in basic colors as well as hats, gloves, and scarves. Think slouchy beanies, chunky scarves, and form-fitting pants to balance out the look

Snuggle Season

The one thing we love about the winter season is it means it's time to snuggle up and get cozy. Flannel brings you the best in comfort while keeping you warm and snug. Add in some snuggly accessories to your look for added warmth that's just begging for some cuddle time with your loved ones. Think chunky knit hats and matching mittens. Wrap yourself up in a luxurious cashmere scarf for unparalleled warmth during the chilly months. Don't forget about your tootsies! Boot socks are one of the easiest ways to add warmth without sacrificing style. Couple a chunky knit that pops out the top of your boot just a touch for bonus warmth and a layered look that's too cozy not to love.

When it comes to styling flannel, your choices are limitless. Any way you go, you're bound for a wonderfully comfortable look that keeps you warm and smiling. We love flannel season because it's time to look and feel your best with casual styles that bring some cheer to the cold-weather season.

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