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Flannel PJs For the Family

Flannel PJs: A Look For the Entire Family

Outside of group Halloween costumes, dressing your entire family exactly alike for any purpose can be a little dicey. However, there is one area where kids and parents can don the same apparel, and that’s the very special case of flannel pajamas.

The idea of every member of the family wearing a flannel pajama set in the same tartan print may seem like the stuff of Christmas cards, but there’s no reason why you can’t give it the try with your own family (plus it does make a great Christmas card). Here are some of the reasons why we consider flannel PJs to be a great look for the entire family.


We’ll start with the most practical and utilitarian of points: flannel is warm. As a soft cotton fabric that’s been brushed on both sides, it’s just better at capturing and retaining heat, making it a built-in insulator of sorts. Every piece of clothing should be functional at heart, and the warming effects provided by flannel provide an instant reason to kit out everyone in your own herd with a flannel pajama set.

More Than Just Pajamas

Of course, a flannel pajama set doesn’t have to be relegated to purely pajama-related activities. Because of the warmth provided by flannel pajamas and the range of coverage that long sleeve flannel pajama pants and a long sleeve pajama shirt afford, you can also slip into them as loungewear in the hours before and after bed.

But it doesn’t have to end there. You can also use them as layering pieces for running errands during cold winter days. Need a quick layer under your snow pants while you shovel out the driveway? Pull on your flannel pajama pants. Require something to wear under your jacket as you run out to use a windshield scraper? Button up your flannel shirt, pull on a parka jacket and go.

Break It Up

So far we’ve been pretty gung ho about the matching aspect of flannel pajamas, but we’ll admit that there are good reasons to “break up” a flannel pajama set by wearing it separately. A pair of flannel pajama pants can be a natural match with a favorite T-shirt during snow days spent on the couch. Or a flannel shirt can be pulled on over a pair of jeans after lunch on a wintery afternoon, when you kind of have to get dressed for the day but still feel like being as comfortable (and warm) as you can be.

The Matching Factor

Ok, now we’re getting to the non-practical reasons. In fact, the entire point of outfitting your family troop in flannel pajama sets that match is the sheer impracticality of it. There’s no reason to make sure that each member’s flannel pajama set features the same color and pattern, other than the angle that it’s simply fun.

And while we don’t have any hard, scientific facts that prove that staying in on a cold winter’s day and making pizza together in matching flannel pajamas is more fun that performing the same activity in non-matching clothing, we’ll stick to our gut feeling and say that it will be.

For the Holidays

There’s just something about a family decked out in family Christmas pajamas sets that says “Holiday Season,” in big, flashing lights. Try to imagine if you were shooting a movie in which a family spent a long, relaxing Christmas morning together opening presents. If you were in charge of costume, what would you have that family wear? The answer, naturally, is a matching set of flannel pajamas. Fortunately, you can do the same in real life.

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