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Women's Polo Shirt

How to Wear a Women's Polo Shirt?

Fads come and go, but the polo shirt remains a fashionable standby. It's a perfect blend of casual and business, which allows for a variety of uses. Whether it’s Friday at the office or a warm summer evening, a soft collared shirt fits your needs and looks great doing it.

What is a Polo Shirt?

Polo shirts were originally used for sports such as tennis and golf. Over time, its association with high society, especially the equestrian lifestyle, created a demand in the fashion world. It is generally defined as a simple, typically short sleeved cotton shirt with a collar. Simple patterns, stripes, and even the optional pocket, add unique details and style.

Ways to Wear a Women's Polo Shirts

Styling your polo shirt is up to you. Tucked, untucked, buttoned, unbuttoned—each option creates a different outfit. The most important part is the pairing. What you wear with your polo shirt will determine the look you are going for.

  • Jeans: Pair a white polo shirt with dark skinny jeans for a classic look.
  • Long Skirt: A dark colored polo shirt with a light-colored skirt provides a dressier yet still casual look.
  • Polo Dress: For a preppy summer look, try a polo shirt dress. It is a simple outfit best worn with strappy sandals.
  • Textured Skirt: Tucking a buttoned-up polo shirt into a textured skirt will give you a unique sophisticated look.
  • Shorts: A form fitting polo shirt and tailored shorts will keep you cool, crisp and in style.
  • Trousers: Pair a polo shirt with trousers for a classic business casual look.

Where to Buy a Polo Shirt

Here at Lands' End, we have a vast selection of polo shirts for men and women. Each shirt is made from America's finest cotton. Whether it’s work or play, our polo shirts come in rich and vibrant colors. Each polo shirt also comes in a variety of patterns and prints to create an endless possibility of styles. Come find your new summer outfit here!

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