Heading somewhere sunny? You'll be needing a great pair of women's shorts. Choose from three lengths and a host of gorgeous fabrics.

Womens Shorts

Women's Shorts

The short cut to summer - our great range of shorts for women

When warm weather lands, it's time to reach for your favourite pair of womens shorts. Especially favoured for weekends and holidays, women's shorts come in various lengths from the shortest 5 inch inseams to a mid length of 7 inches, and our longest Bermuda shorts, which have a 10 inch inseam. The range of fabrics is ever growing, too. From our classic and best selling chino shorts, which are cotton rich with a generous amount of stretch, ensuring their comfort, to chambray, a clear favourite for summer, and on to linen and denim.

Linen shorts tend to be wider in the leg, so they're very cool and airy to wear. Denim shorts for women come and go in fashion. They are very much on trend right now, and come in several styles. We have cute roll hem denim shorts, which are a little shorter in length (though can be rolled down to make them longer if you wish) and longer length Bermuda shorts in stretchy denim and also in coloured denim - a direct descendant of our incredibly popular coloured denim jeans.

Sporty styles in womens shorts

There is another side to shorts that is more for sportswear than for recreational dressing: these tend to be the stretchy shorts that people like to wear to the gym, for field sports, for running or for dance and keep fit classes. Made in fabrics that wick away moisture, they're designed to remain comfortable when you're working up a sweat, with easy going elastic waists and soft, stretchy pull-on fabrics. And of course, there's also swimming shorts for women - for those who like a little more coverage, these provide plenty, and are quick drying with a UPF 50 protection from the worst of the sun's rays. So whatever your need, there's a pair of shorts that are perfect for the occasion. The history of women's shorts

Shorts first started being seen in the 1930's but were very specifically for sports wear and for pin-ups! In the 1950's shorts for women became a fashion statement. From the extremely short shorts of the movie icons to Bermudas and wide leg shorts or 'culottes' they were all the rage.

High waisted shorts were particularly in favour as they emphasised the waists and elongated the body. Some of the favourite style features included slant faux pockets - faux because they didn't want any bulky pockets to get in the way of a sleek streamlined look. As a part of this look, knee length pedal pushers, and mid calf Capri pants were also in vogue - giving women a huge range of looks to choose from.