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4 Casual Tees You Need in Your Closet

Lazy summer days and cozy nights at home call for soft and dependable basics that you can mix and match. When it comes to a fool-proof top, you can never have too many casual T-shirts. Though the template of the T-shirt is a plain cotton top with short sleeves, there are many colors, patterns, lengths, and necklines to choose from. This diversity also expands your options and makes choosing just one hard to do. So instead of getting a single version of these short sleeve women’s shirts, grab everything you want. These affordable basics are cute and used in so many outfits. Here are 4 casual tees that you need in your closet this summer.

1. The Essential Crew Neck Tee

Crew neck tees have a neckline that sits high like a ballet collar but with a rounder, smaller circumference. When you lay the shirt flat, the crew neck collar should be just around an inch lower than the top of the back collar. This ultra-modest cut is a favorite for active people who need a dependable shirt that doesn’t need any readjusting or tugging to stay put. If you’re new to this cut, try wearing a white crew-neck tee and a khaki skirt as a starter outfit. These two pieces just look so good together and have passed the test of time.

2. Sleek and Cute V-Neck Tees

V-neck shirts vary in the degree of plunge from the collar, but you’ll generally find this shirt with a v-shaped neckline sitting an inch or two below the collar bone. When you lay the shirt flat, the distinct “V” shape is obvious. There are so many ways to wear a V-neck shirt, which has both casual and dressy potential. It looks excellent as a lounge element with some yoga pants, or you can dress it up with a skirt. Imagine a fitted black v-neck tee with a floral print midi skirt...nothing is closer to easy, breezy perfection.

3. The Many Uses for Long T-Shirts

When you want to throw something simple over a pair of leggings and call it a day, long T-shirts provide the coverage you need to go anywhere. Whether you're going to the grocery store, cheering a loved one on during a softball game, or have plans for a casual hangout with friends, this cozy outfit is ready for the streets or the sofa. Go as basic or as fancy as you want to.

A long, plain white T-shirt is universally appealing and is your go-to companion for jeggings. Twist one side into a knot to make a fitted waistline when you want to switch up looks. These shirts also can do double duty as a dressy top when they are tucked into a patterned maxi skirt. Long story short, this is an essential basic that can serve your wardrobe in countless ways.

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