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Why I Love My Stylish Flannel Shirt

Why I Love My Stylish Flannel Shirt

For as long as I’ve been buying my own clothing, I’ve been in love with flannel shirts. I’ve not ever come across another piece of clothing that offers such versatility. My flannel shirt is literally the only thing in my closet that I wear no matter if it is summer, fall, winter, or spring.

Why I Love My Flannel Shirt in the Summer

Since unearthing the joy of flannel shirts, I have experimented with my flannel fashion enough to know what works best for me. So, please do not be one bit surprised when you see me wearing my flannel shirt in the summertime. A little bonfire on the beach as the waves gently kiss the shore, bare feet, chino shorts, and my best flannel shirts to cut the breeze coming off the water -- now that feels like summer.

Why I Love My Flannel Shirt in the Fall

Fall and flannel go together like apples and orchards. Which is the perfect place to spot me looking flawless in flannel once the leaves start to turn crisp shades of rust, mustard, and crimson. My softest flannel shirt, a basic tee, those blue jeans I just can’t get enough of, and a cup of hot apple cider in my hand... let’s stroll.

Why I Love My Flannel Shirt in the Winter

With the chill in the air, my flannel shirts are on my back pretty much nonstop during the winter season. I wear it a million ways, but my favorite, my go-to-weekend-chill-look never lets me down. Find me in thick socks, soft leggings, a basic tee, and my flannel tunic shirt curled up on the sofa cozy as could be under my fleece throw. No matter what the weather is doing outside, I’m in my comfort zone in my flannel shirt.

Why I Love My Flannel Shirt in the Spring

When spring finally comes calling, everyone rushes for sandals and summer clothing. This is when I stock up on flannel shirts because I can find great deals on them while everyone else falls stricken with cabin fever.

Why I Love My Flannel Shirt. Period.

I first fell for flannel shirts when I brushed up against one in the store. Prior to that, a flannel shirt wasn’t the sort of thing I usually wore, but it was literally the softest flannel shirt I had ever felt. I tried it on with a pair of jeans and bought one in every color without regret. I tell you this because sometimes we get a bit set in our ways and forget that fashion is a reflection of ourselves. Have fun with it. Your fashion determines how the world sees you. Do not be afraid to try something new. Who knows, it may just become the look that defines you.

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