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5 Ways to Style a Dress in the Fall

5 Ways to Style a Dress in Fall

Who doesn’t love a great women’s dress? There are so many styles to choose from, and each has its own charms. A dress that fits well is not only extremely flattering but also quite comfortable. But they don’t just look good worn on their own. Women’s dresses also act as a blank canvas, begging you to style them in a way that helps you take them from one look to another. The way you style your dress one day can make it look completely different than the next.

Whether you layer other items over or under your dress, or you opt for different accessories and footwear to transition your look, here are five simple ways to style a dress this fall so you can wear it as often as you like.

Over Leggings

Anyone who lives in a climate with changing seasons knows how chilly fall can be. And as cute as your dress might be, the cold can be enough to make you not want to wear it at all. Don’t let a little bit of cold get to you, though. After all, winter will be just around the corner, and it will be much colder then. If you have a loose T-shirt dress or jersey dress, it looks great over a pair of leggings. Stop worrying about the breezy weather, pull on some leggings that match your dress, and enjoy the fall colors. Footwear for this outfit is versatile, as a pair of sneakers work for a more casual look, and a pair of heels or boots can make it look dressier and more formal.

With a Sweater Over the Dress

Those who love fall know that “fall weather” is synonymous with “sweater weather.” Like a warm hug on a damp, cold day, sweaters are comforting, but also stylish. If you can wear sweaters with pants or a skirt, why can’t you wear them with a dress? There are a lot of different looks to play with. One common option is the simple women’s cardigan sweater that easily slips on and hangs open, letting the front of the dress show through. It can be long or short and may even have pockets.

Alternatively, a chunky cropped sweater looks great over a sheath dress or any other type of tighter-fitting dress, since it provides a bit of contrast between the chunky loose and tighter form-fitting looks. Since there are so many types of sweaters in terms of their lengths, fabric, and embellishments, it is tough to say which type will go best with your favorite dress, so play around with options knowing your favorite sweaters and dresses don’t have to be separated—and will likely get along great together.

With Outerwear

When fall decides to make its presence known, you’ll need to take inventory of your fall and winter outerwear. You may notice that some of it, such as a thin leather jacket, even works well indoors. The leather can provide a classy yet edgy look that not only pairs well with any basic dress but also provides a cool contrast against floral patterns, letting you extend the use of your summer dresses for a little bit longer. Denim jackets also look cute when paired with a dress, whether indoors or outdoors.

When it comes to outerwear strictly for cold outdoor weather, the type of dress you wear will determine the type of outerwear that might work best. For example, if you go the casual route and wear a jersey dress with a pair of leggings and sneakers, you don’t necessarily need a more formal jacket. Something like a parka or a fleece jacket works just fine. In contrast, if you spruce up that dress-and-leggings look with a pair of heels, the parka might downplay your efforts and make you look a little too casual. For instances like that, a camel-colored wool coat or a black or nude trench coat might work better for fall.

With the Right Accessories

When Autumn has almost ended, it's time to start bringing out all those cozy winter accessories that can add style to an outfit. For example, you can wear a scarf over your dress and play around with ways to wear it, whether loosely wrapped or tightly secured around the neck. Additionally, hats are fun to play around with, whether a loosely fitting beanie or a stylish fedora tipped to the side. You can also use another piece of clothing as an accessory, such as a flannel shirt that you can wrap around your waist and tie in front for a casual look.

With the Right Fall Footwear

Of course, fall boots and ankle booties will be begging to be paired with a cute dress in autumn. But sneakers, flats, and even heels also work. When choosing your shoe, assess your goals. Do you want to look professional? Do you want to look fancy? Or is comfort more of a factor? These are the things you should ask yourself before choosing your footwear.

By using the items you already have in your closet, you can style your dress up or down, and make it look completely different from one day to the next.

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