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Must-Have Diaper Bags for Traveling | Lands' End

Must-Have Diaper Bags for Traveling with Your Little One

Traveling with young kids can be rewarding, and experiencing discovery through their eyes can make your heart melt. However, logistics can be a total nightmare when packing for a family member who’s completely dependent on your care. Fortunately, with the rise of family travel, there is an endless array of diaper bags that will help you stay organized and comfortable the next time you jet set with your kiddo.

Go for All-in-One

The last thing you want when you’re traveling is to feel bogged down with purses, diaper bags, and backpacks hanging from your arms. Instead, choose a diaper bag for travel that has enough room and features to act as a purse and diaper bag, plus a little extra room for a few carry-on essentials such as a fleece jacket and a good book. That way, you’ll have a one-stop-shop for all of your kiddo’s (and your own) needs.

Typically, travel diaper bags are a bit larger than their everyday counterparts, so don’t shy away from a bigger bag to fit what you need. Remember, you’ll also want to pack a few toys and distractions for not only your child but for yourself as well. Make sure there’s plenty of room, but not so much that you’re lugging around a giant bag that won’t fit in the overhead. A good all-in-one diaper bag will fit in an overhead compartment; most bags will tell you if they achieve this in their description.

Comfort Is Queen

When it comes to travel, there’s always going to be long days where having a comfortable pack is essential. Since you’ll be hauling quite a bit of weight from place to place, look for a backpack-style diaper bag with support in all the right places. Make sure there is ample padding on the shoulders as well as ventilated material on the back so you don’t get drenched with sweat.

Another alternative is to look at rolling backpacks instead. Roller board bags help eliminate any back pain. Diaper bags on wheels are an ideal choice when you are traveling in areas with well-paved pedestrian walkways. They aren’t as useful if you’re in natural settings or traveling overseas in countries where sidewalks may not be as well maintained.

Pockets and Pouches

Life often feels like a hurricane with a small child. There are toys on the floor, spit-up on your shirt, and not enough coffee in your system. Fear not: A travel diaper bag is designed to help you stay organized amongst the chaos. Look for a bag that has plenty of storage options, such as various zippers, pockets, and pouches that allow you to grab that last-minute item before takeoff.

Since you’ll be traveling with everything from snacks to kids’ toys, look for a variety of pockets to suit your needs. Another handy feature is insulated pouches for milk and food. Insulation isn’t just useful for plane travel, but it will also help keep bottles at the correct temperature while you explore. Other nifty features may include a diaper change pad, wet storage, stroller straps, or an included wipe container.

Weight Matters

When it comes to selecting the best diaper bag for travel, there’s a balance between weight and comfort. You don’t want the bag to weigh as much as you do, but you want to ensure that the bag has the right features. Seek a balance between weight, features, and style. Decide what’s most important to you and ensure that the bag has the right qualities to suit you and your growing family’s lifestyle. If your kid is a little older, consider sharing the load by investing in a toddler’s backpack. Fill your toddler’s bag with light yet bulky items such as their favorite stuffed animal. Don’t put any excessively heavy items in the bag; instead, fill it with lighter, bigger things to free up a little bit of room in the big diaper bag.

Keep it Fashion Forward

Today’s diaper bag designs have a sense of style. In fact, many diaper bags for travel don’t look like diaper bags at all. Instead, they have sleek, fashion-forward designs that open up to reveal a bevy of storage in all the right places. Our favorite part? Many of today’s designs are unisex, so you can swap carrying duty with your partner without resistance.

Overall, travel diaper bags come with a range of features in fashionable designs aimed at making your adventures a little more organized and comfortable. Take that family vacay with ease this year using one of the best diaper bags for traveling.

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