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Women's winter coats

Best Warm Winter Coats Every Woman Wants

There are good coats—and then there are great coats. What differentiates the two? It's all about focusing on the details that truly matter. Sure, aesthetics are important. Anything that you can do to look your very best as heavy winds threaten to topple you over while you're walking the dog is certainly worth it!

The warmest winter coats of all have far more going for them than just their good looks; they're also built to perform. The best styles keep you toasty, protect you from bitter chills, help you stay as dry as possible and offer the added benefit of great style. Here are 10 of the most-wanted styles to add to your shopping list this season.

Sophisticated Wool Coats

Women's wool coats are easy to pick out in a crowd. They're smart, sophisticated and beautifully designed. If you favor something sleeker than a puffy silhouette, or perhaps you live in a climate where you don't need to insulate too heavily, then wool is a wonderful alternative. It's soft and warm enough to ensure that you feel comfortable on the chilliest days, and it won't add any bulk to your outfits. Wool also happens to be a great choice when you're dressing up for a holiday party or another special event during the season. These coats look marvelous over dresses, and they add a dressy touch to basic jeans and booties.

Reliable Down Coats

Don't be caught without a long down coat if you live in a chillier region. When temperatures drop, it's inevitable that you'll experience some form of uncomfortable winter weather. From brisk chills to heavy snowfall, conditions can be tricky during this time of the year. A long coat is less about the glamour factor and more about protection when you need it the most. Why settle for anything less? These offer the warmest possible temperature rating (-24˚ to +3˚F, to be precise) along with 600-fill power down to ensure maximum comfort on the most uncomfortable days. If you're expecting some serious winter activity, put this one on your must-have list!

Packable Down Coats

If you have things to do and places to be this winter, then it's imperative to have a trusty coat along for the ride. Think of the packable down coat as your constant companion throughout the season. With a warmer temperature rating that will suitably protect you in temperatures that fall between -10° to +13°F, it contains 800-fill power down for the lightest and most comfortable feel imaginable. Like other down coats, the HyperDRY™ down will maintain its shape and warming abilities, even when it becomes soaked in an unexpected rain or snow shower. Best of all, for any frequent movers and shakers, it's packable! You can fold it neatly into its own pocket and neatly stash it away when it's not in use.

Warming Vests

Is a vest actually a coat? Well, no, not really. But it serves as a suitable alternative when you absolutely need something exceptionally warm but don't necessarily require the bulk of a more substantial piece. Vests are also exceptional layering pieces that keep you extra warm on those bitterly cold days that require more than just a coat. You can easily wear it over a base layer, like a turtleneck, and slip a trusty jacket or coat on top. A fleece vest is a great choice if your winters are on the milder side of cold, but if you regularly encounter more challenging conditions, then light and warm down is the way to go.

Casual Parkas

It's tough to even want to get all dressed up when it's blustery outside. If your style is more casual in general, you'll love slipping into one of a trusty women's winter parka. These ever-reliable toppers offer everything you need to get through winter in unmatched comfort, from hoods and waterproof (and windproof!) shells to lightweight insulation and soft lining. They're ideal to pair with jeans and sneakers or leggings and boots while you're out shopping for last-minute gifts.

Barn Coats

The barn coat is easily one of the best fall-to-winter transitional pieces a woman could possibly own. Not only is it a total classic, but it's also beautifully designed. Barn coats are equipped with thoughtful features that help you stay cozy as temperatures plummet, like premium insulation to lock in body heat and water-resistant shells. If you tend to spend lots of time outside, you'll love braving the weather in a pair of sturdy boots, your favorite women's jeans and your reliable barn coat.

Rain Coats

While the rest of the country might be in for winter wonderland-style conditions, you may live in an area that simply gets rainier as the season progresses. Face it in style by slipping into a practical women's raincoat designed to keep you dry and comfortable. They feature waterproof fabrics and sealed seams to lock out moisture, plus insulated lining and adjustable hoods for extra warmth.

Faux Fur Accents

If you love a little luxury, don't underestimate the value of a pop of faux fur! The most attractive styles feature a tuft of plush peeking out from the collars. Look for pieces that are versatile enough to wear with anything, like a glorious hooded down winter jacket. You'll enjoy all the advantages of heavy-duty winter wear with the style only glamorous faux fur can bring. Bonus: You can layer it over your favorite women's sweater to stay extra warm.

Expedition Coats

What's a little snowfall—or even a history-making "snowpocalypse"? With an expedition coat in your arsenal, you can face inclement weather like a champ. The waterproof coat is built to handle temperatures between -35˚ to -5˚F, features 600-fill power down insulation and has an insulated, adjustable hood for maximum protection from top to bottom. It's designed to help you withstand the worst possible weather conditions in complete comfort.

Water-Resistant Fleece Coats

If you love the look and feel of plush fleece, then you'll appreciate a style that's made specifically for winter wear. It gets a winter-friendly upgrade in the form of a water-resistant version that also happens to repel wind with ease. It's made with the same soft and touchable fabric you know and love, along with an inner storm flap to keep you even more comfortable as winds pick up. The hood is the perfect finishing touch.

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