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Lounging Outfits

4 Chic Lounging Outfits

When you think about loungewear for women, you probably don’t envision things like jeans and blouses. But maybe you’re also thinking of going beyond your usual sweatpants (always reliable!) and soft T-shirts (a must!). While everything has its place, some off-duty pieces are considerably more pulled together and chic.

What sets these pieces apart is usually a combination of factors. More tailored and refined silhouettes convey a sense of definition and lend even the most casual ensembles more of a sophisticated vibe. Some pieces offer a bit more structure than others, too, and that can make all the difference when you’re focused on choosing clothes that are at once comfortable and polished. Here are four outfit options to consider while you’re relaxing at home.

Joggers and a Soft Blouse

There’s nothing like a great pair of women’s sweatpants to keep you cozy when you’re in a completely chilled-out mode. If you love the look but want to experiment with a more contemporary silhouette, try a pair of joggers. They’re just as convenient and easy to wear on off days, yet the tapered legs present a more cultivated silhouette. Try something with a slightly draped silhouette for an even dressier look.

To generate a little more leverage in the “chic” department, you’ll want to pair those flexible joggers with something slightly dressier on top. The idea is to create a sense of balance. And surprisingly, joggers look right at home with a whole slew of tops — even the dressier ones that you might not think to pair with them at first. A lightweight blouse is a great option. This entire look works well if you’re in full loungewear mode, yet also have to tend to a couple of responsibilities during the day — think video meetings or online parent/teacher conferences.

Leggings and an Airy Tunic

Few outfits define cool and casual style as well as a pair of leggings and a breezy tunic top. You’ll feel your best in the flexible bottoms that move with you without restrictions. Offering a bit of extra fabric, the tunic makes a perfect partner from a balancing standpoint, but it also contributes to a superior look that feels a little more polished than the usual loungewear.

Another reason to make this a key part of your wardrobe? It’s so easy to accessorize! And even if you aren’t planning to leave the house, it’s fun to experiment and dress up with little extras here and there. Why not slip on a solid colored tunic and throw on an extravagant statement necklace to shake things up? Or pull your hair back and slip on a pair of bold hoop earrings. Leggings are the perfect starting point for looks like these because they’re basic, reliable, and versatile.

Summer Dress and Slides

You may be lounging at home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a dress if you’re in the mood for something a little bit different. The best options for at-home wear are lighter and less structured than the dress that you might wear to, say, the office or on date night. These reflect a breezier vibe. They don’t necessarily have any bells and whistles, and they’re just as comfortable and practical to wear while you’re relaxing on the couch as when you’re walking around and tidying up.

Cotton summer dresses are among your best bets. They’re cut generously, usually with a flowing silhouette that creates a flattering look from top to bottom. They’re also available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Have some fun with a vibrant print — lounge days are the best days to brighten things up with a botanical, a plaid, a stripe, or a check pattern! Or keep it simpler with a solid color, and add an accessory or two if you want to dress it up just a touch. Finish this look with a pair of slides for an instantly easy outfit that helps you feel your very best.

Longer Skirt and a T-shirt

Just as you might choose to wear a dress while lounging, you can just as easily go the chic-style-at-home route in a maxi skirt, or a midi skirt if you prefer a little less length. There’s something so refined and subtly elegant about a longer skirt, and even if you don’t dress up in any other way you’ll feel more pulled together.

Of course, you are still in lounge mode, and that means sticking to things like super-soft fabrics from head to toe. Try an airy T-shirt or a tank top instead of a dressier blouse. It helps balance the skirt’s dressy vibe just enough.

Focus on Your Comfort

Nothing matters more than your comfort, even when you’re focused on elevating the fashion factor and taking a more style-minded approach to your loungewear. Always keep soft fabrics and great fits at the top of your mind. You can’t feel chic if you aren’t comfortable!

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