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How to Choose the Right Boots for Your Climate

How to Choose the Right Boots for Your Climate

Where you live has a lot to do with the types of women's outerwear you choose. Cold climates are perfectly suited to all manner of footwear styles, from booties for women in the fall to snow boots in the winter. But even if the last few months of the year are generally more moderate where you live, you don't have to forgo the chic boot. It's all about making the right decisions based on your comfort and weather conditions.

Warm Climates

People who live in perpetually warm climates have it made as far as transitioning from one season to the next. Low precipitation levels and semi-arid conditions make it especially easy to remain comfortable without piling on the layers or the heavy-duty footwear. So, what can you do if you happen to love a pair of women's boots? Focus on style, naturally. There are plenty of warm weather-appropriate picks out there that are destined to elevate your style year-round.

Wearing a pair of black boots for women, for example, is the perfect way to round out any classic outfit. Try one with a low-profile heel to complement your old-school denim skirt and a plain white tee, or dress up an understated shirt dress with a pair of black ankle booties. The beauty of wearing black footwear is that it goes with everything in your closet, and adds a little edginess to those standard patterns and colors that are so abundant in spring and summer wardrobes. Black leather boots and a floral dress is essentially a study in 1990s-inspired fashion, and it works just as effectively today as it did in its revered heyday.

Also just as relevant to any warm environment is a great pair of booties. The ubiquitous half-boot shoe boasts an all-seasons appeal that makes it especially popular no matter what environment you live in. They're perfect when it's chilly outside and you want to layer up with leggings, a long tunic, and a boyfriend cardigan or a blazer. Yet those booties are just as suitable to wear during summer when the sun shines brightly on your breezy, off-the-shoulder dress and your straw handbag.

Since boots are so well-rounded, you can easily invest in a few pairs to maximize its potential in your wardrobe. A neutral hue, like tan or soft brown, is a great choice to wear when it's warm outside. These colors transition well into fall and winter, but you can easily fall more in line with more seasonally specific hues, like navy blue and deep purple, if you want to make a cold-weather statement

Naturally, wet weather is bound to occur on occasion. That's when you whip out the tried-and-trusted rain boots for women. Look for something that marries fashion and function to provide you with the best of both worlds. Waterproof uppers, durable rubber, comfortable lining, and padded footbeds are the types of elements that transform a simple shoe into something that handles everything from sudden rainfall to dramatic downpours with the greatest of ease.

Cold Climates

You know what life is like if you live in a region where four seasons is the norm. You feel the bitter chill of winter, the welcome winds of spring, the gentle kiss of summer, and the crisp breeze of fall. If nothing else, it helps you develop a wonderful appreciation for different periods of the year–and the many ways in which you can wear boots no matter what the season might be.

When it's downright freezing outside, when the snow falls in such a way that it feels almost postcard-worthy, when you want nothing more than to pop inside your favorite coffee shop for a latte, then you know you need a good pair of women's snow boots to accompany you. Think of them as your companions for the season. They'll see you through the good, the bad, and the ugly in complete style. What more can you ask of a pair of shoes that trudges through inches–sometimes feet–of snow and keeps your feet dry and toasty at the tail end of the year?

The key is to shop with practicality in mind. You know best what kind of conditions you have to deal with during winter, especially if you've experienced storms of the century in the past and have trudged to work when you'd much rather stay home nestled beneath the covers. A boot that affords you all-day warmth and perpetual dryness is crucial. A sturdy rubber shell is always a smart choice, as it locks out moisture and creates a drying cocoon that makes it easy to navigate puddles and slush.

When it's dry but cold, you can take a more stylistic approach to your choices. In that case, think in terms of what flatters your wardrobe best. Are you strictly a leggings-and-tunics type of woman? A pair of lean tall boots contribute to a streamlined silhouette and also feels wonderful when it's chilly outside.

If wet weather holds off, you can also be more open to wearing different materials. Both dress boots and everyday boots in suede are luxurious options during fall and winter, but not always the wisest choice when it's pouring. Otherwise, feel free to slip into them, pull on a sleek wool coat, and make the most of the season

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