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Unpredictable weather

Dressing for the Unpredictable Weather in Florida

Although I am born and raised in Wisconsin, I just spent the past six months living in Florida. To say I was unprepared is an understatement. There’s a broad spectrum of weather that comes and goes in the sunshine state. Whether you’re taking a vacation or are a seasoned resident, it’s important to always consider the unpredictable nature of Florida’s weather. The following is a list of essentials that are required for a comfortable lifestyle in Florida:


When spending time in Florida, it’s important to have a stash of reliable shorts. They are a staple for most activities. Taking a trip to the grocery store? Throw on a pair of shorts, sandals and a trusty tee and you’re good to go. Going to the beach? Bring along your shorts to cover up with after swimming. Shorts are a necessity to stay comfortable in the blazing heat while remaining stylish.

Maxi Dress

A cute maxi dress enables you to stay cute but also comfortable. Maxi dresses keep the air flowing without sacrificing style. Maxi dresses look great as a swim cover up. Alternatively, throw on a jacket and sandals and you’ve got the perfect summer date night outfit. I was even able to wear my maxi dresses at my office job. Paired with the right blazer, a maxi dress was the perfect outfit in my business casual office.

Lightweight Coat

Believe it or not, it actually gets cold in Florida. Especially at night. When I first arrived in Florida, I was ready to go with my shorts and sandals. However, I had arrived in January, and the weather dramatically fluctuated throughout the day. In the morning it was crisp, during the day it was hot and then at night it was freezing cold. If you’re going to spend time in Florida during the winter months, pack a lightweight coat. My go-to lightweight coat was a wool peacoat. I appreciated that it looked great with any outfit while always keeping me warm.


Whether you opt for shorts and a tank top or a maxi dress, sandals are a staple for Florida living. They’re stylish and easy to throw on for quick errands. They keep your feet cool and are perfect for beach days. It’s important to choose comfortable sandals for longer adventures or walks on the beach.


It’s no secret that it rains in Florida. In fact, it rains almost every single day. Most rain showers in Florida are short lived. However, they always seem to occur at the most inconvenient time. I always found myself wondering why the only ten-minute rain shower of the day occurred when I was trying to walk to my car.

Don’t be caught off guard. Be sure to always pack a raincoat in your car. A heavy raincoat will protect you for those times you’ll be outdoors for long periods of time. If you don’t feel like lugging around a heavy raincoat, opt for a lightweight option. I preferred a lightweight raincoat because I could tuck it in my bag. When I needed it, I knew I could toss it on to stay dry without overheating.


In addition to raincoats, an umbrella is a must have. Although it’s not something you wear, an umbrella will inevitably become your best friend in Florida. Especially if you don’t have your raincoat, you’ll want to make sure you always have an umbrella at the ready.

Better yet, have multiple umbrellas to make sure you’re never unprepared for the daily showers. When I lived in Florida, I always kept one at my work desk, one in my purse, and one in my car. That way, even if one of them got moved around, I knew where to find a backup.

Swim shirt/Rash guard

Because I’m from the Midwest, I had no idea what I was doing in terms of sun protection in Florida. I knew to wear sunscreen, but after my first trip to Clearwater Beach I was completely torched. That’s when I discovered sun protection in Florida goes beyond sunscreen. With UPF 50 protection, a swim shirt – also known as a rash guard - is a great way to stay protected in the heat. They’re comfortable, stylish and an absolute necessity.


A great day at the beach is never complete without a long walk on the sand. When you’re ready to get out of the water and go explore, a swim suit cover up is a great way to look cute and stay covered.

After my beach adventures, I generally went for a bite to each at the best local restaurants. A cover up was perfect for staying covered while still embracing a beachy look.

Spending time in Florida is always a joy. Whether you’re visiting their famous beaches, taking a trip to a theme park or just doing normal life, you’ll want to be prepared for the spectrum of hot, rainy, sunny and cold weather Florida throws at you.

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