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Hygge Home Style Guide

Hygge Home Style Guide

A significant aspect of Danish culture, Hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh) can be defined as a feeling and ambiance of coziness and comfort. While considering how you can implement Hygge in your home, think of what helps you feel the most relaxed and at ease. When incorporating specific items and decor and adding certain practices to your routine, there are a myriad of ways that you can use Hygge style to elevate your life.

Hygge Decor

Blankets and Throws

Having one of your favorite throw blankets nearby (preferably on a comfy armchair) for you to curl up under is the perfect way to create a cozy ambience. Include some throw pillows to create a haven of comfort and warmth. Designing cozy areas in your home is a wonderful way to create contentment and well-being, which is a pillar of living a Hygge lifestyle.


We all have a favorite candle that always seems to lighten our mood, so break out some matches and get your preferred scents circulating around the house. If you have a fireplace, start a fire to add warmth and additional ambiance. Turn off the main lights in the house and use only smaller lamps to create a soft, gentle atmosphere where the spirit of Hygge becomes a part of your home.

The Great Outdoors

Bringing items into your home from outside is a wonderful way to integrate Hygge. Prep some potted plants, whether it be a handful of small succulents or a large ficus or fig tree. Want to help your guests feel the spirit of Hygge? Laying out one of your cozy outdoor doormats will do the trick beautifully.

Hygge Lifestyle

Get Cozy

Pull out your favorite pair of wool socks and your go-to, soft sweater. Put them on and settle into the cozy areas you created in your home. Have some lounge pants or joggers you love? Those are the perfect items to complete your Hygge attire.

Drinks and Eats

If you are a lover of sweets and pastries, get ready, because a large part of carrying out a Hygge lifestyle is enjoying comforting foods. Danish pastries, muffins, and cakes are at the top of the list, along with other comfort foods such as pot pie, soup, and pasta dishes. If you’re looking for something to sip on, make yourself a pot of coffee or some hot cocoa to snuggle up with.

Self Care

One of the purposes of incorporating Hygge into your life is to create a balance. Most people thrive off of cultivating meaningful relationships with those around them, so host a lunch with friends or invite a group over to spend the evening with. As important as it is to designate time with those you care about, is it just as important to set aside time for yourself to unwind and relax. Indulging in your favorite lotion, wearing a peel-off face mask, reading a good book, or unplugging from technology for an hour or so can do wonders in helping you to relax and rejuvenate.

As you embark on your journey of incorporating Hygge into your life, consider what will be most effective in bringing you more comfort, coziness and relaxation, and then put it into practice. Self care and comfort do not have to be complicated, costly, or intricate. Spoil yourself with the simplicity of a Hygge life today.

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