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Tips on Styling Your Jeans with Your Favorite Shoes | Lands' End

Tips on Styling Your Jeans with Your Favorite Pair of Shoes

Today, women’s jeans come in so many shapes and styles, it can be tough to pick the perfect footwear to match. Don’t fret, it turns out that when it comes to styling your jeans with your favorite pair of shoes, there are limitless options of varying styles. The first rule of styling jeans with your footwear is to get creative. There’s no right or wrong way to go. Aim to select combinations that are comfortable and reflect the beautiful, authentic you!

Ballet Flats

Flats and jeans go together like peanut butter and jelly. Skinny jeans and jeggings work wonders with ballet flats. The narrow taper of this style of jeans draws the eye down towards your feet. It also means that you won’t trip over your pants when you’re wearing flats with jeans. On colder days, you can sneak a thin sock under flats. Go for a sock color that blends into your outfits, such as a skin tone or black socks. You can also wear flats with straight-legged jeans, but the shoe gets a bit lost in the denim. This isn’t a bad thing if you’re going for a more relaxed look.

Your Favorite Pair of Ankle Boots

Ankle boots and jeans were meant to be. Virtually any style of jeans couples well with a cute pair of ankle boots. Let the boot peek-a-boo with flared or flowy jeans. Boot cut jeans are also clearly a fan favorite since the unique cut leaves ample room to slip over the boot.

Skinny jeans, curvy fit jeans, and jeggings also make worthy companions. The skinny jean at the ankle means you can wear your boot over the jean to show off your individual style.

Jeans and Tall Boots

For those of you that love to slip on your favorite knee-high, you'll want a jean that shows off your fancy footwear. One fashion-forward, bold option is to opt for a capri-cut jean. Think fitted at the waist and hips but flares outward, falling just below the knee. These jeans definitely have personality, but they draw all the attention to your footwear. This look is best for tall women who love to walk on the wild side.

The classic knee-high boot with jeans look brings skinny jeans to the forefront for obvious reasons. The jeans hug your body so you can slip your boots over your jeans. Plus size jeans also come in skinny jean styles, making this the perfect choice for anybody type that wants to show off those knee-high boots.

Functional Jeans and Sneakers

Traditionally, jeans and sneakers have been a fashion no-no. However, today’s trendy sneakers are a bit different. Classic cut jeans still look the best with a fashion-forward sneaker. Even some skinnier cuts look great with a sporty, yet fashionable shoe. Flared jeans should be avoided, since they will not only make you look shorter, but they can drag along the ground with a simple sneaker.

However, if you’re stuck wearing athletic shoes (think gym shoes) with your jeans, avoid that mismatched look by wearing jeans that cover the sneaker, such as a boot cut or relaxed fit jeans. Alternatively, you can select sneakers that don’t look like a gym shoe, but still provide that much-needed support. Opt for cozy, casual footwear that still offers great support, but has a bit of style. Use insoles to your advantage, making an unsupportive shoe more ergonomic without sacrificing style.

High Flying Heels and Pumps

Dress jeans up with a bit of a heel. Heels, pumps, and wedges go well with a variety of denim, from wide-leg trousers all the way to skinny jeans. Shoes with heels automatically elongate your legs. If you’d like to take that illusion one step further, pair heels with high rise jeans for an added effect.

When it comes to heels, anything goes. Styling heels with skinny fit jeans dresses up your look, creating a sophisticated outfit. Boot cut and more relaxed fits go best with wedges or booties with a small heel. Wide-legged and flared cuts with heels give the appearance that you’re gliding through life. The wider, flowy jeans have a creative and whimsical edge, making this the ideal combination for the more eclectic fashionista.

Coupling the perfect pair of jeans with your favorite footwear is a breeze these days with so many different styles of denim. The key to styling your footwear with denim is to decide how to best highlight the shoe you have in mind. Remember, there’s really no wrong way to go. Mix and match what you have in your wardrobe for a variety of looks you’ll love.

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