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Why do I need slippers if I have so many socks?

Slippers are better than socks for so many reasons. Slippers are easier to slip into and slip out of. They are not as constricting as socks can often be. They give your toes the wiggle room they crave, your arches the cushion they long for, and your whole foot the cozy warmth it has waited all day to come home to. Don’t throw your socks in the trash just yet though. Let’s take a closer look at slippers and the socks who love them.

Healthier habits:

Most of us look forward to taking the shoes we’ve been wearing all day off when we get home, a great habit to get into since sliding out of your shoes and into your slippers is also good for your health. Just like the rest of your body, your feet need to be treated to a little downtime. Most of the shoes we wear during our daily activities can be a bit binding and by the time you get home your feet need a break.

Remember, socks and slippers go together like peanut butter and jelly. When you wear them together, socks will hug your sweet feet while lengthening the life of your slippers. Socks also provide a nice friction barrier. However, socks should not be worn on their own because socks alone cannot provide the same benefits as socks with slippers.

Did you know studies show wearing slippers has been proven to make people more productive indoors? When I read this stat I literally went out and bought girls’ slippers and boys’ slippers for all five of my children and men’s slippers for my husband. Seriously though, relaxation increases productivity. You would be hard pressed to find someone in a pair of slippers who is anything other than relaxed. Now I’m not saying slippers will remodel your bathroom, but they may get your pantry organized.

Have you noticed that when you are at the spa, one of the first things they have you slip into is a nice pair of slippers and a robe? They may have you believing that the fresh duds are to help you relax, and I am sure you feel more relaxed with them on, but can I let you in on a little secret? Slippers protect your feet from becoming infected with foot funguses and bacterial infections while you are enjoying the spa (same is true when you wear slippers in your own home). So….ummmm…thank you fancy spa lady. Yes, I will be wearing those slippers.