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Why I wouldn’t face winter without my fleece pajamas

Why I wouldn’t face winter without my fleece pajamas

Winter requires winter-proofing. For your house, that means heat tape and insulation. In the case of your car, you’ll need a fresh pair of snow tires

When it comes to you, we’ve got two words: fleece pajamas.

You might expect it to be a more common pajama material, considering the popularity of fleece jackets and vests everywhere from ski slopes to cubicles. If fleece is your top choice for staying warm when out of the house, why not wear it inside too?

Picture the scene. You’re at home, on the sofa, and snow is falling outside of your window. It’s either the weekend, your day off, or maybe a snow day—whatever the reason, it’s a day that you can spend curled up with hot cocoa and a good book, or a mug of tea and the new season of your favorite show.

Naturally, you’re wearing cozy fleece pajamas. The shirt is a long sleeve crewneck shirt with a ribbed neck, cuffs and bottom hem. It provides the extra warmth you want where your neck and hands become exposed, yet it’s sturdy enough to retain its shape no matter how many times the dog might come over and tug at it.

The bottoms have a wide elastic waistband, which is well suited to the day off mentality (and whatever creative new ways of couch-sitting you develop along the way).

At some point—or more likely, from the very first moment you put it on—you may realize that the fleece is brushed on both sides. This small detail makes it extra soft. So soft, that you’ll even find yourself changing into them the moment you get back from a long day at work.

Inevitably, you’ll have to leave the sofa to take care of an important chore, like microwaving popcorn in the kitchen. And because a warm carpet may not cover every inch of your floor space, you’re going to want to keep your toes warm with a pair of fleece slippers.

And what if someone were to stop by? That’s an easy problem to solve: just throw a fleece robe over your fleece pajamas. The robe has two on-seam pockets that you can use to stash mail once you’ve intercepted the mailman.