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5 Winter Coats Your Kids Will Adore

5 Winter Coats Your Kids Will Adore

This winter season, as the weather drops, make sure your kids don’t come down with a case of the cold-weather blues. The right winter coats will keep them nice and warm, and brighten their day too, with different patterns and designs created for all levels of cold weather, from moderate breezes to arctic subzero chills. Choose from coats for everyone from toddlers to kids up to 20 years old, and coordinate with matching hats, scarves, and boots for a fashionable take on frosty days.

Here are our favorite kids’ coats made to withstand the holiday season and beyond.

1. Insulated ThermoPlume® Jackets for Kids

Cue the number one best lightweight kids’ outerwear this season. This miracle jacket locks in warmth with lightweight patented ThermoPlume® insulation that is much hardier and lighter than traditional down. As an alternative to the otherwise heavy and delicate feathers of down filling and another synthetic down, ThermoPlume(R) doesn’t lose its loft and can be packed away without worry. The technology actually re-fluffs itself, solving all your end-of-the-season storage woes.

Additionally, these insulated ThermoPlume® jackets come in a variety of colors and styles, perfect for trendsetting girls and sporty, athletic boys who want to stay cool, even in freezing temperatures. While these jackets aren’t full-length, they can easily be paired with winter accessories like hats, scarves, long layers, and winter boots. Because these jackets are more lightweight, they allow for more flexible wear and activities, perfect for snowball fights and outdoor adventures on snow days.

2. Fleece Jackets

Now, we group fleece jackets in with kids’ winter jackets because they are so versatile and can be worn under major winter coats on subzero days, or they can be worn with long-sleeve layers underneath for more moderate temperatures. Fleece jackets are perfect for cozying up inside, or for making quick commutes to the car or house on chilly days. They are so easy to throw on over layers, making them adaptable to whatever activities or weather lies ahead.

Fleece jackets come in several colors, styles, and designs, ranging from full zip-ups to pullovers, so you can choose the perfect fleece jacket for your kid’s style and personality. Details on these fun, go-anywhere jackets include everything from hoods, contrasting piping, and zippers, to reflective details for early evenings. Pair fleece jackets with layers underneath, a thick winter coat when the temperatures really drop, and a winter hat and scarf for a look that can be transitioned throughout the winter season.

3. Expedition Coats

Calling all arctic explorers! Expedition coats are the go-to for locking in warmth and staying cozy all winter long. When the snow begins to fall and subzero temperatures creep in, it’s time to bundle up to avoid any winter blues and colds. These kids’ winter coats feature extra-warm insulation, faux-fur trimmed hoods, and sherpa-lined interiors, making them the ultimate warm option. These shorter coats can be worn with layers to dial up the heat, or thrown over a hoodie sweatshirt for an easy style that locks in warmth. Pair these coats with fleece-lined leggings, high boots, and extra layers for a look that can withstand ultra-cold temperatures but still looks fashionable and bold, without head-to-toe coverage and a lumpy traditional winter coat.

4. Stormer Jackets & Coats

Stormer jackets and coats are by far some of the most versatile and durable outerwear for kids. These winter jackets feature up to three layers, a weather-resistant windproof outer shell, and an interior shell that provides warmth against colder temperatures – and each layer can be worn separately, making these jackets and coats a three-in-one solution for outerwear. While we don’t recommend these jackets for extra-cold temperatures, they are perfect for mild weather and can also be worn under thicker winter coats when temperatures do drop drastically. Like many winter wear options, stormer jackets come in a variety of colors and patterns, so your kid can be fashionable while staying warm. That’s a win-win!

5. Kids’ Winter Parkas

Now for the ultimate in winter wear and outerwear. Girls' winter parkas are the most hardcore and protective versions of outerwear for kids. Their long length and warm insulation mean your kid will be absolutely snug in cold weather. Kids’ winter parkas have fun designs with patches, faux-fur trimmed hoods, classic colors, and cool details. These kids’ winter coats are among the warmest, with down and down-alternative insulation that resists the coldest temperatures, making these coats perfect options for snow days, subzero temperatures, and skiing. Pair them with fleece-lined leggings or lined pants, kid’s winter boots, and extra layers underneath for true winter wear.

When it comes to the winter season, your main priority will be keeping everyone in your family warm and protected, but chances are, the little ones will be more focused on fashion. Keep everyone happy this winter season with options that are both cozy and chic.

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