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Best Bags for Summer Sleepovers

Best Bags for Summer Sleepovers

Sleepovers are a great way for kids to reconnect with their friends over the summer months when they might not see each other as often as they would during the school year. A child’s first sleepover can be lots of fun, but it can also make them feel a little bit nervous if they’re not used to being away from home. As a result, you’ll want to make sure they can pack a little bit of home with them in a bag they can easily carry to their friend’s house.

Personalized Backpack

Whenever there is a group of kids in one area, it can be difficult to identify what belongs to whom. For that reason, personalized backpacks are great because the child can easily identify which bag is theirs among a sea of other backpacks. Younger kids get a kick out of having their name printed on things, and it will help them get a little more excited about their sleepover. Tip: For little kids especially, put your name and phone number in a pocket of the backpack so the parents hosting the sleepover can easily find your number and call you in case of an emergency.

Backpacks for Tech

Older kids likely won’t care as much for their names on their backpacks. Instead, they’re going to want something that’s able to safely store all their gadgets. A laptop backpack can come in really handy for kids who will likely spend their night playing games together. Considering how rough kids can be, some extra reassurance when it comes to protecting their most valuable possessions benefits both of you. Look for a tech bag or a backpack with a padded laptop compartment for some extra reassurance.

Tote Bag

Canvas tote bags are great if you don’t have too much to carry but want the ability to quickly toss in whatever you need and head out the door. You can even have them personalized so they are easy to identify and don’t get lost. One great thing about tote bags is they make great sleeping bag storage, too. After all, if you’ve ever tried to roll up a sleeping bag and pack it into the little bag it came with, you know what a struggle that can be for little kids. Let them stuff it into a tote bag and then you can worry about rolling it up into its own proper bag when they get home. You may even want two bags for that reason: one for the sleeping bag and the other for clothes and any personal items.

Rolling Backpacks

When kids get excited about sleepovers, it can be adorable, because they have no concept of how much they’ll need to bring while they’re away from home. Leave it to them, and they’ll want to pack everything but the kitchen sink. When your child wants to pack every single stuffed animal, game, and snack they can think of, rolling backpacks are the solution. They are much easier for them to transport and to fit everything into than typical over-the-shoulder backpacks. Look for one that’s lightweight and easy for kids to handle but that is also tough enough to withstand many overnight trips.

Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are larger bags that zip up and can either be carried by two hand straps or by one strap worn over the shoulder. They typically have the ability to hold lots of items and may even have several compartments, including one for shoes. Duffel bags are good for longer sleepovers, like for a weekend at the grandparents’ house. However, due to the amount they can hold, little kids might need assistance when carrying an overstuffed duffel bag. A smaller backpack they won’t be tempted to fill may be a better bet for younger kids, while a duffel may be perfect for older kids.

As fun as sleepovers can be, they can also be intimidating and a little bit scary for kids. Make it easier by giving them a bag that allows them to bring little bits of home along with them. It could mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful sleepover! Don’t forget about any activities they might be doing before or after the sleepover, too. For example, they may be going swimming or having water balloon fights and need a swimsuit and a change of clothes as well. Make sure their bag has room for all those “better safe than sorry” moments, and they’ll have a perfect summer sleepover.

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