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Best School Backpacks for Every Student

Best School Backpacks for Every Student

As summer comes to a close and the sounds of cicadas tell of cooler weather to come, parents know that it’s time to prepare for the return to school. Whether you’re sending your grown kids to college or your youngest is ready for their first year at preschool, having the right school backpacks will set them up for success.

Give your kids the storage and organization potential they need to keep track of homework, locate items quickly, and access emergency supplies when they are in need. An excellent school backpack will be equipped to handle all the needs that may arise during the day and grow with your kids until they reach the next stage of life. Here are the best school backpacks for every student at every age and stage.

College Backpacks

When you send your grown-up kids to live on campus, there are plenty of feelings. You’re excited about your soon-to-be empty nest but so many memories that you cherish — and many more you want to make. Give yourself peace of mind by preparing your grown kid with all the sundries they need to thrive as they pursue higher education. Since they are going to be living in their new 'home away from home', a backpack that can carry everything they need in organized compartments is essential.

Also, a well-made bag that is easy on the shoulders and back is crucial when your student will be walking a lot on campus and spending many hours outside of their dorm. Give them a computer backpack that protects their technology as they go from class to class, which also has compartments to store basics like toiletries, tissues, paper, pens, notebooks, and tech chargers. This will allow them to take notes with confidence in class without worrying about losing power when they need it the most.

High School Backpacks

High school grants your kids plenty of independence as they go from one class to another. They must be responsible for homework and having all their materials. This is why high school backpacks must have the storage capacity and many compartments to keep your kids organized and focused all day. A quality bag will also have supportive straps that are adjustable to make a perfect fit for your growing teen. This will ensure that they stay comfortable even while carrying heavy textbooks and extra materials — keeping hands free for their active day.

Middle School Backpacks

When kids enter middle school, they get their first taste of real independence as teachers expect them to be more accountable with their homework and belongings. This is the reason middle school backpacks have more room than elementary and preschool backpacks. For example, growing middle school kids should be able to access their commonly used items like pencils and pens quickly when their backpack has a convenient zippered front pocket.

Pick the size backpack that matches the size of your child as they grow from their first year to their last. Middle school backpacks range from medium to extra-large sizes to be tailored exactly to your child’s height and weight. To save room, make sure the backpack has a clip in the front to attach a matching lunch box. Now your child is ready for a productive day!

Elementary School

Young kids get a lot of support from their parents and teachers in elementary school, but they still need to bring a few materials with them to school every day. As your elementary school-aged child gets older, they become responsible for more items beyond a daily folder. This is why elementary school backpacks range in sizes from small to large. Don’t forget to keep it fun by adding personal touches like monograms and personalized embroidery so that your child can easily distinguish their backpack from others in the classroom. These are also excellent road trips or short-term excursions on which your child can take some toys and entertainment items.

Preschool & Toddler Backpacks

Preschool and toddler backpacks come in small sizes because they are made to be worn by small bodies. It’s important to make sure small kids don’t carry too much and that the straps are comfortable. As they gain confidence from their new responsibilities, they can grow as their gear does. Start small and give them the task of putting in their class folder and pencil box in their backpack before the ride to school. Toddlers also enjoy having the agency of carrying light items like juice boxes, a snack packet, and a couple of self-care items in their backpack. As they get older, they feel proud to carry their own items to a playdate or a toddler class.

For every age, there is a personalized backpack that is perfect for your growing child. With so many options, you can find the right size, design, and type for your kid’s unique stage in life.

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