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Best Travel Sleepwear for a Comfortable Journey

Best Travel Sleepwear for a Comfortable Journey

Traveling around the country is something we do to remind ourselves why we prefer staying at home in bed. Or more likely, it's what we do for our family, work, and friends. When we're our most tired and stressed out selves we sometimes forget that traveling can be much easier if we can figure out how to get some kind of sleep. Lands' End has the best sleepwear for travel to help you get from point A to point Zzzzzz.


Goodbye legroom, enjoyable small talk, and respected privacy. Welcome crying babies, entire life story neighbors, and Rocky Mountain turbulence. Nothing will make those long lines get any shorter, but there is some hope when you’re standing in super cozy slippers. Shop for slippers with rubber bottoms in a slip-on shoe style. For the chilly airplane cabin wear a cabled cardigan over a simple t-shirt. That way you’re covered for too hot or too cold swings. And if you're one of those who are always cold next to the window, add optimum warmth with a silk base layer. You'll have such a nice snooze that when you have to switch terminals in 10 minutes, you’ll clock the best mile time since high school.


For those of us who prefer the rail, we sometimes have an Agatha Christie mystery case of what to wear. With an eye mask and headphones, you can shut out the noise and pretend to bask in a luxurious sleep car with a light interlock cotton sleep set. But be warned, such a comfy slumber might make you miss your stop and end up in the magical world of Snuggle Town. Just kidding, Snuggle Town is not a real need to get off at this stop. Um, miss? Hello? Can you hear me?


This is the most casual you can be. There have been times where we've gone to the rest stop and there's somebody waltzing around with a robe and slippers like it's their own personal rest stop and we're just guests in their strange abode. We're not going to say you can't wear these things but maybe it's best to have a set of flannel pajama pants with a casual t-shirt or sweatshirt, and a Squall® Jacket to keep the elements at bay when you have to fill up the tank.

There's no place like home, really, but at least you have the comfort of it in your Lands' End travel sleepwear for women.

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