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The Best Sweaters for Kids

The Best Sweaters for Kids

As temperatures plummet, days grow shorter, skies become dimmer, and that festive feeling fills the air, it’s only natural to begin planning outfits for your children. It’s time to relegate the lightweight T-shirts, shorts, and swimsuits to the back of the closet in favor of cozier attire, like boys’ and girls’ sweaters that they can wear throughout fall and winter, and even on cooler spring days.

But what are the best choices for little ones? With so many options available, it might be tough to choose at a glance. At a bare minimum, children’s sweaters should be comfortable and easy to wear, without restricting movement or threatening to add impractical bulk to their outfits. Take into account what they’re likely to wear on top, too. Ideally, you should have a selection of sweaters available for kids, including styles that fit under coats and jackets, as well as lighter weight models that they can wear in the classroom and at home. Here are some of the best options to consider.

Holiday Sweaters

When it’s the most wonderful time of the year and you’re busily decorating the house and shopping for presents, that’s the perfect excuse to break out the festive attire. Girls and boys’ Christmas sweaters make a timeless addition to their wardrobes. With fun and colorful patterns featuring everything from snowflakes to skiers to Santa Claus, these effortless toppers are sure to put your little ones into the spirit of the season.

These festive sweaters are perfect to wear to holiday gatherings, especially with comfortable corduroy pants or dress pants. On more casual occasions, they pair perfectly with jeans. Trust that these sweaters will remain in beautiful condition for years to come. They’re highly durable, so even if your little one grows in just a year’s time, you can hand it down to a younger sibling. They’re designed to withstand countless wears and washes, making them as practical as they are playful.

Zip-Front Cardigans

Boys’ and girls’ cardigans are highly ubiquitous. By far the most common styles feature buttons, but zippered models provide a more contemporary twist on the longtime wardrobe staple. Zippered styles also offer the added advantage of being both casual and formal. If your child wears a uniform to school, for example, the zippered cardigan might fall within approved realms.

And they’re also ideal to wear to family gatherings, holiday parties, or over long-sleeve tops on cool days. Look for features that lend it a timeless quality, like lay-flat collars, clean lines, and fabric that’s simple to maintain. The beauty of zippered cardigans is that little ones can throw them on and zip them up very easily — a little bonus if they happen to have trouble managing buttons on their own.

Pullover Sweaters

Pullover sweaters are synonymous with casual outfits. These easygoing tops are the perfect choice for active little ones who love to throw on their T-shirts and kids’ jeans and head out the door. There’s nothing to these easy sweaters. They’re warm, cozy, and look great with any off-duty outfit your kid wears on weekends or while playing in the backyard.

For cooler days, try a material like fleece. It’s designed to lock in body heat efficiently but won’t leave them feeling itchy and uncomfortable if they’re playing hard and breaking a bit of a sweat. The beauty of this material is that it’s an all-weather fabric, so whether it’s a slightly cool spring day or a downright chilly fall day, there’s room in their wardrobe for a fleece sweater.

Flyaway Cardigans

For the little fashion maven in your life who always has a keen eye on everything cool and stylish, she might be excited about wearing a flyaway cardigan. While they don’t have buttons or zippers, the lack of a closing mechanism won’t stop them from keeping your little one warm and comfortable when it’s needed the most. It also happens to look great with leggings for girls, jeans, and everything in between.

Materials like chenille are positively dreamy for little girls, too. They happen to feel as soft as a cloud, yet provide the type of constant coziness that children need during the chilliest months of the year. They’re also timeless — chenille feels velvety soft to the touch, brings to mind the coziest time of year, and is versatile enough to wear with nearly anything. Even better, a chenille flyaway is something she can likely wear for years to come. Even as she graduates to the next grade, she’ll find it fits perfectly!

What better way to help your child stay comfortable year-round? The best sweaters are more than just warm and cozy — they also look great with everything in their closet, are easy to grab and go, and can be stashed in their locker or book bag.

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