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Which Swimsuit Style Is Right for You?

Which Swimsuit Style Is Right for You?

Selecting the perfect swimsuit comes down to one important factor: comfort. Anything that helps you feel your best is well worth adding to your wardrobe. But there are other components that you need to keep in mind, too, including style and supportiveness.

To begin, it helps to determine your best physical assets. Do you especially love your shoulders, waistline, or legs? The right type of suit can flatter you to perfection! Whether you love the look of a traditional one-piece, enjoy mixing and matching a variety of women’s bikini tops or want to experiment with a stylish swim dress, you’ll find a wide variety of options that capitalize on fashion without sacrificing comfort.

There’s a perfect swimsuit out there for everyone. The suit of your dreams will feel soft, flexible, and effortless when you’re in motion. Here are a few suggestions to help you make the best choice for the best fit.

The Classic One-Piece

A modest one-piece swimsuit is a great choice if you prefer to wear something that offers more substantial coverage on the beach or at the pool. Select from a variety of necklines to help you achieve your desired effect, including V-necks, which draw the eye upward to the bust, and square necks, which put the focus on your collarbone and shoulders.

The one-piece is also a reliable choice if your goal is to shape and smooth your silhouette. Look for styles constructed of Slendertex® fabric for best results; the material negotiates the body’s shape beautifully to create a look that is both flattering and completely natural, without sacrificing your comfort. You can also look for specific details that allow you to highlight your best assets. For example, strategic crisscross accents create definition and shape, while light shirring and low-cut leg openings bring the eye up and gracefully camouflage the midsection.

The Terrific Tankini

The tankini is another incredible option if you prefer the same full-coverage style of a one-piece, but favor the convenience of a bikini. The beauty of the style is that it’s highly breathable and comfortable, and it's flattering to all shapes and sizes. For those who can never have too many bathing suits, it’s fun to mix and match different tankini tops and swim bottoms to create fresh, pretty looks every time you head to the pool or the beach.

Just as you do when shopping for one-piece suits, seek out strategically placed elements that help you show off your greatest assets. Those with built-in underwire support, for example, will support a fuller top and create beautiful definition. Square necklines bring the eye upward to the shoulders and neck, while shirred styles provide gentle shaping.

The Reliable Swim Dress

There’s a garment for every swimmer, and key among them is the phenomenal women’s swim dress. It’s a great choice if you love the look of a one-piece but want something that offers just a touch more coverage in the thigh area. Because this style skims over the hips and flares gently outward, it creates a beautiful and attractive silhouette that resembles a short dress. It’s also exceptionally comfortable, making it a great choice if you feel more confident in something that has a little bit more fabric than traditional suits.

The swim dress has the added advantage of being more protective in sunlight, too. If you’re concerned about excessive exposure to potent ultraviolet (UV) rays, then wearing a suit with a bit more coverage is an easy way to safeguard your skin—on top of wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen, of course. You can gently adjust the skirt while sunbathing if you want to achieve a bit more of a glow or shade your upper legs from the sun completely. Swim dresses are available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit all body types.

The Chic Halter Neck

If enhanced support is your primary focus, look no further than a halter-neck suit. This style is typically designed with ties or a fastening mechanism that closes behind your neck. The straps are often wider, which means they offer considerably more upper body support.

The halter style is noteworthy because it specifically brings attention to your shoulders, upper back, and neckline. Look for features like slimming fabrics and strategic paneling to help create a refined silhouette that contributes to a seamless look from top to bottom.

Whether you plan to lounge by the pool or take on the waves, there’s a perfect swimsuit waiting for you.

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