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5 Most Popular Prints for the Winter Season

5 Most Popular Prints for the Winter Season

It’s hard to decide which season is the best for fashion, but winter arguably presents the most opportunity to show off a wide array of fun and stylish prints. While the weather may be dreary and drab, you can brighten and warm up the day with fashionable, cheery attire. Even if you aren’t confident you can pull off prints, after reading this article you’ll be delighted to discover it’s a lot easier than you think. In this post, we’ve highlighted a few of the most popular prints for the winter season along with ways to incorporate them into your outfit.


Upon first hearing the word “argyle” many people may immediately think of argyle socks. But there are so many ways to make argyle prints a fashionable component of your winter wardrobe. Argyle is a classic, timeless print designed to be worn stylishly. So what’s the best way to wear argyle in the winter? We recommend a sweater to showcase the diamond motif. Most argyle print colors are neutral and warm, perfect for cold weather attire. Pair a soft, open cardigan argyle sweater with a pair of jeans for a casual look or dress it up a bit by wearing a ruffled blouse underneath an argyle sweater along with your winter coat of choice over the top. Alternatively or in addition to an argyle cardigan, invest in a couple of argyle knit sweaters or argyle cashmere turtlenecks that can easily be worn with comfortable pants of a thick fabric midi skirt.


Although plaid is most popularly known as a classic autumn pattern (think plaid flannel shirts and warm, plaid blankets), it is an excellent print for the winter season too. Pair a plaid skirt with a solid colored blouse and a warm second layer like a cardigan sweater. Plaid skirts with long boots also make for a great winter outfit. If you want to make a bit of a fashion statement, invest in a sharp, tailored plaid blazer that can be worn with skirts, dresses, or pants. Finally, you can use plaid accessories to accentuate your winter outfits, such as a plaid scarf or plaid gloves.

Animal Prints

Leopard is a versatile print that can successfully be worn in the dead of summer and during the cold winter months. Just think of how stunning a faux fur leopard print coat or a long-sleeved leopard print dress with boots will look against a snowy white backdrop? To add a splash of warmth to a blustery, cold winter day, incorporate leopard prints into your outfit. Two other excellent animal print choices aside from the classic leopard print are zebra and tiger print. Both of these prints can be worn in traditional colors or with something different like blue or green. Like any other print, there is no one way to wear animal prints or one designated article of clothing. Your animal print clothing could be anything from a cute blouse to a dress to pants and even boots or other footwear.

Winter Florals

Think floral prints are only for the spring and summer seasons? Think again! Florals can be worn at any time of year and look stunning in both autumn and winter as well. While during the warmer months, you may lean toward bright or softer pastel floral colors, winter presents the opportunity to don “moodier” florals. Stick to darker, warmer, dramatic colors and jewel tones and pair pieces like floral dresses and skirts with chunky heels. If you need an extra layer, throw either a lightweight turtleneck or a thick, chunky, oversized knit sweater over your floral dress or midi skirt.

Fair Isle

Is there anything more quintessentially perfect for the holiday season than a cozy fair isle sweater? This iconic print is suitable for everyone of all ages and can be made quite stylish with minimal effort. There are a thousand ways to wear a fair isle print and a thousand things to wear it with, though a sweater seems to be the most popular and versatile clothing item to choose. A fair isle sweater comes in many cuts and can be worn with a light wash pair of jeans and black leather ankle boots or over a soft cotton dress paired with thick stockings. And once those holiday parties get going, you will want a few fair isle sweaters on hand to wear to achieve maximum style and comfort.

Now that we’ve gone over a few popular prints for the winter season, take some time to mix and match different prints with your favorite clothing pieces. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to add a bit of vibrancy to your regular wardrobe simply by incorporating prints!

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