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5 Fun Ways To Mix and Match Your Swimsuit Top and Bottoms

5 Fun Ways To Mix and Match Your Swimsuit Top and Bottoms

Summer is here, and that means so is swimsuit season. If you’re lucky enough to be spending the hottest months of the year decked out in your favorite swimwear pieces, then you’re going to want to be sure that you’re looking as cute, fun, and summer-ready as ever. One of our favorite swimsuit trends around for a little while now is mixing and matching swimsuit bottoms and tops. While matched tops and bottoms are a classic look, we love the playfulness and creativity that mixing and matching tops and bottoms allows us. We’ve come up with a guide for some fun ways to mix and match your swimsuit tops and bottoms to help you find a new swimsuit look for summer that you love.

1. Prints on Solids

One of our favorite ways to mix and match bathing suit tops and bottoms is to play around with prints and solid colors. Wear the printed piece on whichever part of your body you want to be drawing attention to. For example, wearing a Hawaiian print with magenta flowers top over a solid blue pair of bottoms will draw the eye upwards while still creating an appealing synergy between the two. Alternatively, draw the attention downwards to lengthen the body's look with a printed pair of bottoms and a solid top.

Other prints that we love are animal prints on solid black. Animal prints are often too busy to wear as one whole piece. Make your look more subtle without compromising on the fun by pairing your favorite leopard print top with a pair of black bottoms. Alternatively, do zebra printed bottoms under a black bathing suit top for a fun twist on the classic black bikini look. Use this way of mixing and matching swimsuit bottoms and tops to still wear those crazy prints you love and toning them down so they look more classy. Always be sure that there is some color matching when mixing prints with solids. For example, the base color of a printed piece should match nicely with the solid color you’re choosing to wear.

2. Patterns on Solids

Our next top choice for fun ways to mix and match swimsuit bottoms and tops is to wear patterns with solids like prints on solids. While prints are a fun and creative way to express yourself through your swimwear, patterns are a little more subtle and classic and are perfect for the woman who wants to wear something more modest or traditional. This is also a great way to get nautical without looking like you just got off a boat. Wearing a blue and white striped tankini top with some solid blue or white bottoms is going to give you that classic nautical look without going overboard.

Another beloved classic pattern that gives any beach look a fun retro flair is the polka dot suit. Pair a polka dot top with solid bottoms for a fun pairing that doesn’t feel too spotted. Go the whole way with the retro look by wearing a polka dot bandeau top with a pair of high-waisted bikini bottoms for the ultimate throwback look. As with mixing and matching prints and solids, be sure that the colors of patterns and solids work together well.

3. Prints on Prints

Feel free to go wild and get creative by mixing and matching prints on prints. While not all prints will go together, you can find something that pairs well together and avoid clashing if you keep some basic rules in mind. If you want to mix prints, be sure that there is some complement between the top and bottom. Whether the colors are similar, the prints are similar, or one print is very subtle while another is bolder, you want to make sure that the top and bottom are complementary rather than clashing. Avoid anything that looks too busy or tacky. There are no hard rules about mixing and matching top and bottom patterns, so be sure you find a combo that you love.

4. Favorite Color Combos

One of the easiest and coolest ways to mix and match swimsuit tops and bottoms is to mix up the colors. While a solid suit will always be a solid choice, feel free to swap one out for something more exciting for a definite fun color combo. As with any matching, you want to be sure that the colors you choose are complementary or contrasting. Play with opposite colors such as blue and yellow for a fun and colorful mix and match, or take it more lowkey by mixing a dark teal bottom with a fern green top for a nice play on green tones that will still look good together. Learning the magic of the color wheel is also a good way to be sure that the colors you’re mixing and matching look good to the eye.

Bright and bold colors are all the rage and pair perfectly with a subtle or more neutral opposite piece. For example, a bright blue top will look great with a pair of dark blue bottoms. If you want to be sure you’ve got your color pairing on point, always opt to wear black bottoms with any top color. You’re always going to look good and perfectly paired.

5. Textures and Designs

Other elements to explore when pairing tops and bottoms are texture and design. Different swimsuits come with different textures, such as ribbing or waffle, to offer more dimension and something unique and interesting—pair texture with something more solid for a great mix and match. Also, design can be fun to mix and match, too. Wear your triangle bikini top with a pair of swim shorts for some more skin-up top and more comfort and modesty down below. Almost anything goes to mixing and matching designs, so explore what feels best for you and have fun.

However, you choose to mix and match your swimwear this summer and enjoy this fashion trend's fun and creativity.

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