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Men's coats

A Guide to Men's Coats

Winter is here and so are frigid temperatures. Whether you live in more temperate winter climates or spend winter surrounded by snow, you need a coat. Here is our guide to men's winter coats to help you find the best jackets to keep you comfortable, looking dapper, and enjoying the season.

The Wool Coat

No man's closet is complete without a classic men's wool coat. It is a timeless and sophisticated look. Regardless of cut, color, or style, wool coats are also extremely warm. Wool coats come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and cuts. Choose a peacoat for a classic nautical look or a long overcoat for a dapper appeal. There are different weights or lengths of wool coat for your personal warmth needs.

The Bomber Jacket

One of the trendier looks out there, bomber jackets come in a wide variety of styles that make them perfectly versatile, from wearing to the office in the morning followed by a first date in the evening. Their easy zip, cropped length, and athletic fit makes them a great choice from fall through spring. When the temperature goes below freezing, choose a bomber jacket that is well insulated and lined with fleece rather than cotton. Wear over a cashmere turtleneck for a city slicker-retro look that will also keep you cozy. Alternatively, wear over a men's flannel shirt for a stylish alpine charm.

The Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets are a lightweight and moderately warm pick for winter, offering a fashionable and sophisticated look for every man. Incredibly comfortable and versatile, quilted jackets are another great pick to wear almost year-round. Put one on over a down vest or men's fleece jacket for an extra layer of insulation. Alternatively, you can wear one under a windbreaker to protect you from those January gusts or those wet wintry-mix days.

The Parka

Parkas are the ultimate choice for winter weather. They are water-resistant and lined with cozy layers of insulation. Throw over a men's cashmere sweater or pick a down-lined parka for extra insulation. Parkas are great for wearing while out in the city, for skiing and other winter activities, or even just for scraping the ice off your windshield in the morning. There are many different styles, lengths, and materials for parkas; pick the one that works best for you and your lifestyle.

The Down Coat

If you plan to spend winter experiencing bone-chilling temperatures, then a men's down jacket is a must. Although a high-quality down jacket tends to be on the pricier side, it is worth every penny. Down jackets are lightweight yet incredibly warm. Stuffed with a wide variety of feather lining (goose down is the warmest!), a down jacket will keep you toasty during lengthy commutes or endless hours spent outdoors. Go for a lightweight packable down coat for a jacket that will easily fit into your briefcase or backpack and still keep you uncompromisingly warm. Wear under a windbreaker for those harshest winter days to keep the wind and wet at bay.

The Leather Jacket

Leather is always on-trend, not to mention one of the warmer fabrics out there. Leather jackets are especially practical for holding up against those bitter winds, which is why they are a timeless favorite for motorcyclists. These jackets come in a wide variety of styles from leather bomber jackets to trench coats and any other style you can imagine. Leather jackets are a top choice for fall to spring wear and can be made a little warmer in the winter by wearing over a down vest or fleece jacket. If leather is not your pick for ethical reasons, there are still other options. Opt for secondhand leather or vegan leather (yes, it's a thing) for the same cool look without the weight on your conscience.

The Squall Jacket

Squall jackets are designed to keep out all sorts of unfavorable weather. Sometimes called windbreakers, squall jackets are light but warm for bracing winds and wet weather. Both waterproof and windproof, this jacket is an excellent choice for surviving all the elements during the long winter. Squall jackets are great when layered over a down vest or fleece jacket—perfect for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding to keep the wind out and the warm in.

Regardless of your cold-weather needs, there is a coat to keep you warm and stylish all winter long.

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