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How a Squall Parka became her favorite fishing coat

We want to find women's winter coats that will last us through the turn and uncertainty of the seasons. Most importantly we want a coat to fit the life we lead. We're tired of having an entire kitchen drawer full of one-use utensils (an avocado slicer? You mean a knife?), so we're tired of our closet expanding like an accordion with our winter coat collection. There's an answer for you, friends. Read on…

You know that time you were looking around at winter coats back in mid-September when all those sales started popping up like a fishing net out of water? I was, too. I knew it was going to be another cold winter, and the women's Squall Parka looked perfect to get me through the season. When it came in the mail, it got warm again, and it seemed like I jumped the gun.

Well the winter came and went and my Squall Parka trudged through all those forecasted storms. I'm not sure the memories will fade soon enough of the collective hours spent chipping ice off every car window. I even bought a hair dryer to plug into my car to de-ice the side mirrors. Even though I gave up salt for a New Year's Resolution, I used plenty of it to keep that driveway in check. It was a brutal winter and I made the best of it — even took that coat on the ladies' ski trip in the mountains.

Then in came what the calendar half-heartedly calls "spring." They said it would be in like a lion and out like a lamb, but this whole time it's been one big roaring lion for two months. And there I was, the lamb in a Squall Parka heading out on the iced-over lake despite it all. No boat, just my trusty winter boots, crossing the ice in the confident strut my winter uniform had provided me all winter long. I had those ample pockets stuffed with boxes of bait, plenty of hand warmers and extra gloves. No problem.

It's an understatement to even call my Squall Parka a winter coat since it so easily became a three-season performer. The Squall Parka is an essential layer well into "spring." Sure I had a hunch back in September, but still I was never quite sure how long the new coat honeymoon would last. If you haven't guessed, we're still on the cruise.

Then at the tail end of April when that snow and ice had melted into a crystalline layer on my prized lake, I found myself on my fishing boat, cruising through the misty early-morning fog in my "not awake zone." I still use the pockets to keep any extras. It's funny the "prizes" I find in some of the less used pockets, memory markers from a winter walk, or receipt from a lunch date with the girls. I'm still cozied up and ready for the weekend to start. I may need to trade in my "winter" Squall Parka for something lighter soon, but I know we'll be back together in a few months. Ready for another long winter season.

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