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Fleece vs. Terry Cloth Robes

How to choose the best bathrobe between Terry Cloth or Fleece?

When you love them both, picking just one can feel almost impossible. The real question is, do you need to choose just one? Since terry cloth robes and fleece robes each have their own set of advantages, you just may think again. Let's take a look.

Terry Cloth Robes:

You could search the whole world over and you'll never find a robe that is as absorbent as one made of terry cloth. That is why you love wrapping a soft terry cloth robe around you right away in the morning, right out of the shower. Imagine you, in your terry cloth robe, on the three seasons porch with a cup of joe and a good book, right after you've hit the steaming hot shower after your morning workout…

What makes terry cloth robes so heavenly? Tightly woven loops of plush, authentic Turkish cotton terry cloth that is made in state-of-the-art mills by skilled artisans who draw upon generations of expertise. A cotton robe is truly the treat your whole body can look forward to. It feels like an absolute luxury against your skin when you are coming from the bath. It is absorbent and perfect for wicking away moisture.

Bottom line: if you use a robe after your shower or bath, then your body needs the thickness and warmth of a terry cloth robe.

Fleece Robes:

When what you need is to feel warm and cozy, nothing comforts you like a fleece robe. They are plush, to insulate your body from the winter chill, while wrapping you in incredible softness. There is not another material in the world that can hold a candle to the soft spun polyester used in a Lands' End fleece robe. Time spent wrapped in the plushness of a fleece robe is like time wrapped beneath your own personal blanket made from the softest fleece on the planet. Plus, fleece will never pill while keeping you toasty warm year after year. You'll want to spend sun-up to sundown snuggled up in your fleece robe. However, fleece robes are not very absorbent, so they are not ideal for soaking up moisture.

Bottom line: if you want a robe for snuggling before bedtime or lounging around the house, a fleece robe is the one you need.

See? You can love them both without feeling a bit guilty about it. Because terry cloth and fleece are made from very different materials, they each offer their own unique set of advantages. With one robe made of fleece and another made from cotton terry cloth hanging in your closet, you can rest easy knowing you're perfectly covered.

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