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How to Make Your Home Cozy

How to Make Your Home Cozy

To get your house in peak cozy conditions, be sure to give some extra care to each room. Through thoughtful additions and styling, there are all kinds of ways to get snuggly this season. Check out these tips to make every room in your home super cozy, and start cherishing every comfy moment with family and friends.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Before you reinvent the wheel, be sure you're setting yourself up for success. The most comfortable homes do more than offer plush seating and cozy blankets — they're also usually clutter-free, so that every couch, chair, and surface invites your family and guests alike to enjoy. Make sure the laundry is put away, and that toys and games each have their own special place in the house. Store extra odds and ends on bookshelves, the mantle, or chic seagrass baskets.

Another thing to consider is adding simple touches like having slippers for everyone in the family. That way, no matter what the house looks like after a long week, you feel cozy the second you step inside. You might even consider investing in a bulk pack of guest slippers so anyone who comes in instantly feels that level of care and comfort, too.

Living Room

The living room is where we do much of our family cuddle time, so prioritize the cozy here. Start with making sure there's enough seating for everyone to lounge, and then pick up a few super soft throw blankets. Throw blankets are a great item to add extra pops of color to any space, or to pull the whole room's color scheme together with subtlety. If you love having things to snuggle with on the couch, add throw pillows into the mix.

The right lighting helps make a room more relaxing and inviting. Check out the lighting in your living room and decide whether you find it too bright or not bright enough. If you've only been working with the overhead light, mix it up with a few table or floor lamps. Look for soft or frosted bulbs for a calm but concentrated light to add dimension and style. You'll notice you feel less strained as you snuggle up to read the latest mystery or magazine, and the mix of lights will create subtle but soothing depth and shadow to your cozy corner.


There's nothing cozier than a comfy bed that you can snuggle into each night. From the softest brushed flannel sheets to your downright delicious down comforter, set yourself up for the best sleep of your life by making sure your bed is a cozy cloud. Add a pillow top mattress pad to find your cloud's silver lining, and slip into blissful dreamland every time.

Make sure your entire room matches that comfort by adding elements that soften things up even more. If there's room for a chair to snuggle in while you read a book, add a fuzzy throw blanket to keep you wrapped and warm as you relax into the evening. Or, find yourself a window daybed and pile on the pillows and blankets for a truly delightful afternoon.


Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa by adding just a few easy elements. If you have the room, find a chic teak shower stool so you can sit under the warm water and unwind after a long day. From there, be sure you've got the softest, cuddliest towel sets to wrap you and the family in.

Pick up a plush, textured bath mat to step onto after every relaxing shower. Find a non-skid mat, so you always feel sturdy, supported, and oh so cozy. Switch out your shower curtain with a new fabric soothing colors like deep blues, purples, or greens. To really set the spa scene, add candles with warm, comforting scents like vanilla, cedar, or eucalyptus.

Kitchen & Dining Room

The kitchen is often neglected in our quest to cozy up a house since we're often in there to stand and stir rather than snuggle. Why not make all things kitchen a little more comfortable for everyone? Invest in a couple of memory foam kitchen mats to place in front of the sink and stovetop so that whoever is on dinner duty is supported by cushioning and care.

Take stock of any seating in the kitchen and replace any old or pokey springs with pillow top or memory foam cushions. The same goes for the dining room. With cozy chairs to park on, family and friends will cherish their time dining with you any day of the week.

Elevate your coziness level by addressing simple changes you can make to every room in the house. Think soft, supportive, and snuggly every step of the way and you're sure to find the perfect comfy combination.

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