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How to Pick the Best Denim Style to Go with Your Winter Shoes

How to Pick the Best Denim Style for Your Winter Shoes

It's a common misconception that with the holiday season comes bulkier clothing with layer upon layer of thick material and fleece-lined … everything. You can rest easy knowing that women's jeans can be a part of any winter wardrobe, with their versatile styling and thick warmth sure to keep you comfortable throughout the winter Better yet, denim can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion, making your favorite pair of jeans suitable for day and night. And with winter comes boots! While some styles of jeans and boots can feel awkward when paired together, some combos are absolute perfection.

Before running out to buy a new pair of jeans and boots this winter season, begin with your favorite cut and style of denim. We all have that "perfect pair of jeans," the one that fits like a glove and makes you feel comfortable and confident. Chances are that once you have found this style and shape of jean, you stick with it. Choose appropriate winter boots for your climate and activities, and be realistic. For those trekking through the city on cold winter days, avoid a high heel; if you're knee-high in snow, opt for snow boots.

Here are our tips and tricks for picking the best denim styles for your winter shoes.

Pair Boot Cut Jeans with Heeled Boots

Boot cut jeans are, by name, made for boots. The slightly flared legs and fitted waist make your legs appear longer, and this style is the best fit for heeled boots. Pair with heeled booties, or with more fashion-forward calf-height boots. This look is fun and more retro, giving you a vintage-inspired look. Make a statement with patent leather or a chunky heel to show your sassy side, and because it's winter, finish this outfit off with a long coat for extra warmth. We recommend choosing a darker shade and fade for your boot cut jeans, giving the appearance of height and hiding any marks or stains likely to happen in the colder months from snow or rain.

Slim Fit Jeans with Fun Prints

If you're looking for a style that is fun and sleek, look no further than slim fit jeans or skinny jeans for a tailored lower half that pairs perfectly with fun prints. The beauty of slim fit jeans is that they skim your body shape and look good on pretty much anyone. They come in a variety of shades, from pastels in the summertime to dark, rich colors like merlot or ivy green in the winter. These sassy women's jeans come in different rises and suit any age. Play up your slim fit jeans with fun patterned boots like leopard print or bright vibrant colors. Slim fit or skinny jeans can be paired with everything from closed-toed ballet flats to high boots, as the skinny, tapered legs can be easily tucked inside higher boots for a clean (and warm) look. Additionally, slim fit or skinny jeans, when paired with boots, have a slim and classic silhouette, meaning you are steps ahead of the bulky winter fashion faux pas.

Straight Leg Jeans & Chunky Boots

Repeat after us: Straight leg jeans and chunky boots, a dream come true. Tailored straight leg jeans look gorgeous paired with chunky sweaters and layers, and their tighter fit shows off your body without being too revealing, naturally avoiding the bulky winter weather look. Pair straight leg jeans with chunky boots this winter for an extra warm take on cold fashion. When choosing the perfect chunky boot, look for anything with a thick heel or sole, visible rubber treads and laces.

Fashionable Booties Paired with Skinny Jeans

Let's talk skinny jeans. This dynamic denim style is a must-have in every closet. The ultra fitted legs and waistline provide a trendy look, and with the right fit and size, it can still look polished and classic. In a variety of colors, there are so many options to play with when it comes to skinny jeans this winter. For example, pair your skinny jeans with fashionable ankle booties. For more moderate climates, experiment with tucking the legs into the booties or folding up the cuff to show off some ankle and really highlight the design of your booties.

Jeggings Are Denim, Too (Kind of)

Ah, jeggings! Somewhat of a denim dupe, these tight leggings made from denim (or in some cases, made to look like denim) are so comfortable and perfect for days that require a little more action. Their slim legs, which glide over the skin and stick to the body, are perfect for slipping into high boots or snow boots. For ultra-cold weather, opt for jeggings with a lining for an extra layer of warmth, or if you have to, layer them under another pair of jeans (we know, winter struggles!). Pair jeggings with a long-sleeve tunic, or layer with a long-sleeve shirt, fleece vest, and winter coat before braving the cold this winter.

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