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Women's jeans

Don't believe the hype – you can wear skinny jeans and look fantastic. Though many women assume they're only for the tall and thin, they're actually amazing on every body type, from plus size to petite. The key is finding the best style for you, and then adding the right pieces to complete your outfit.

Plus-size build

  • Look for stretchy skinnies to accommodate your shape and flatter your derriere.
  • Focus on dark colors – which have a slenderizing effect.
  • Avoid anything with whiskers or fading, which can make you appear larger.
  • A higher rise keeps your belly in check, while a peplum shirt or flared tee disguises a muffin top.

Long and tall

  • If you're over 5'7, find skinnies with extended inseams, or they may be too short.
  • Lanky types can also carry off cropped denim pants, which are fantastic for showing off your new sandals on warm summer days. So go ahead and roll the cuff, or cut off the hem and force a raw edge look.
  • If you prefer tummy control, grab some with a higher waist and wear them with your favorite tunics.

Short torso

  • Jeans with a mid or low rise can make a short midsection appear longer.
  • High-waisted styles can make a short midsection appear shorter.
  • The slim fit of skinnies can make you seem taller.
  • A shirt that reaches to your hips creates the illusion of length.
  • A necklace that nearly grazes your navel also creates an illusion of length.

Hourglass figure

  • Choose skinny jeans with at least 2% elastane to complement your curves.
  • On top, try a v-neck cashmere sweater to draw attention to your smile while flattering your bust.
  • If you're not too tall, make sure your jeans are hemmed, or they'll bunch around the ankles and distract from your cute shoes.
  • If your jeans are too long, give them a roll or have them hemmed.


  • High-rise skinny jeans are gorgeous on pear-shaped women, who are fuller in the hips and bum.
  • High rise skinny jeans define and emphasize your waist.
  • Wear skinny jeans with a tucked-in blouse to draw attention to your midsection.
  • Add boots with a chunky heel for extra height.

Athletic body

  • Women with athletic builds run smaller in the hips and bosom, giving them a rectangular or straight shape.
  • Skinny jeans accentuate whatever curves you have though, so just make sure they aren't loose or baggy.
  • A belted long cardigan helps define your straight torso, giving you a hint of curves.
  • Any shirt with a defined waist and/or peplum shirt is a great choice for your skinny jeans.
Women's jeans

That perfect fit

No matter what kind of figure you have, skinny jeans must fit well or they won't look good. Too-long jeans can be hemmed by a tailor, while a belt corrects a gaping waist. When trying on a new pair, bend and stretch to see how they'll perform in everyday life; if you don't like the result, move on to something else.

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