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Leggings Style Guide for Women

Leggings Style Guide for Women

In the last few years, leggings have slowly but surely become an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. Between their versatility and comfort, it’s hard to say no to a soft, flattering pair of leggings. So what are some of the best ways to style a pair of leggings, and what styles of leggings do you need for a well-rounded wardrobe? Whether you’re staying in for the day or you have a full schedule of work and play ahead of you, leggings will be a fantastic option for the day’s ensemble. Take a look at our leggings style guide for all the details you’ll need!

What are Leggings?

Leggings, commonly made with stretchy cotton material, are bottoms that are made with the intention to be soft, comfortable and breathable. They’re easy to incorporate into everyday wear and are also ideal for exercise. If comfort is what you’re after, leggings are the perfect wardrobe piece for you.

Moreover, it’s important to note that leggings are not pants or tights. For example, it’s easy to throw on a simple t-shirt with a pair of pants, but we don’t recommend doing this with leggings. Additionally, women’s dresses shouldn’t be paired with leggings, but instead with a pair of tights. Understanding what pieces of clothing pair best with leggings is key to making the most out of these comfortable wardrobe staples.

How to Wear Leggings

So what are some of the best ways to style leggings? We firmly believe that they can be worn just about anywhere or for any day of the week if they’re styled well and styled right. Remember – leggings are leggings, and should not be worn as tights or pants. But rest assured, there are plenty of ways to style your leggings for just about any occasion. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to wear leggings!

Cute and Casual

One of our easiest go-tos when considering how to style leggings is to put together a casual ensemble. One way to accomplish this look is to select one of your favorite long sweaters and throw it on over your leggings. You might also consider a longer length blouse and pair it with a long cashmere cardigan. Top it off with the right accessories, such as a chunky scarf or a cute pair of earrings. Not only will you be incredibly comfortable, but you’ll look cute and put together, and with very little effort on your part.

For a Night Out

Leggings are also a great option for a night out. Whether you’re leaving for a romantic evening with your special someone or you’re heading out for dinner with friends, leggings are an easy option for your ensemble. Pair them with a chic tunic top and throw on a pair of heels. A good pair of snug leggings and a fashionable blouse will always be an easy go-to.

A Day in the Office

When styled well, leggings are a wonderful piece to incorporate into your work wardrobe. Choose one of your favorite, longer length women’s blouses and pair it with some classic black leggings. A classic pair of heels and a belt wrapped around your waist complete this ensemble. There’s nothing quite like the perfect outfit to help you feel more ready to conquer the workday, and this option provides the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Make a Statement

The right pair of leggings provides an easy way to make a statement. Whether you’re wearing leggings in a unique color, or ones that have a unique design, this is a great way to incorporate statement pieces into your wardrobe. Establish balance in your ensemble by pairing your vibrant leggings with a solid color top. Statement leggings also make for wonderful exercise attire, so keep this in mind when getting ready for your next trip to the gym!

What Styles of Leggings Do You Need?

So what different styles of leggings do you need in your wardrobe? For starters, a pair of black, ankle-length women’s leggings are an absolute must. In fact, you’ll probably want multiple pairs. Some capri-length leggings will also serve you well. We also recommend having at least one pair of statement leggings. This could range from leggings with a design to ones made with a different kind of fabric, such as corduroy leggings.

With so many different ways that they can be worn, it’s no wonder that leggings have become so incredibly popular. It’s easy to maintain comfort throughout your entire day in the right pair of leggings. You’ll find yourself turning to them time and time again for anything from everyday wear to a night on the town. Snag a few pairs of leggings today and start brainstorming different ways you can incorporate them into your wardrobe!

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