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Men's Flannel Pajamas

Men's flannel pajamas – a challenge to you!
(An anonymous first-person story you'll want to read again and again.)

Just last week I was standing in the store behind two younger men who were looking at the fine display of men's flannel pajamas. Man #1 turned to Man #2 and asked, "Does anybody really wear flannel pajamas?"

Spying me spying on them, he turned and said, "I was thinking about buying some of these for my father. Do you think he'd wear flannel pajamas?"

Being the man that I am, I instantly replied, "Any man who doesn't wear men's flannel pajama is an idiot." Then to underscore my point, I spun on my heel and exited dramatically, taking with me some unpaid merchandise which forced me to turn around and head straight back in to the register.

Why pajamas at all?

Now, I am aware that many men do not wear flannel pajamas. Or pajama sets of any sort. They apparently prefer a t-shirt and boxers, if they wear anything at all to bed. The trouble with sleeping au natural is that it essentially turns your sheets into your underwear, and I don't much care for that idea.

I am not afraid to let the world know that yes, I own flannel pajamas, and yes, I wear them. Tops and bottoms. At the same time. And they provide me with great warmth and comfort on cold nights. I may even wear a pair of – gasp! – socks, too!!

Great savings can be yours!

All this allows me to sleep with the furnace thermostat turned way down. Heck, I bet you could open the bedroom windows and let in the snow and I wouldn’t notice. Which saves me tons of money. Tons, I tell you.

And all because I am wearing a pair of flannel pajamas. (And sometimes on really chilly nights, I even enjoy lounging in an incredibly warm men's flannel robe and men's slippers.)

The challenge to you.

Gentlemen, I hereby throw down a challenge. Try out some flannel pajamas. Tops, bottoms, or both. Turn down your thermostat. Save some money on heating bills. Then see if you agree with me: flannel pajamas make a lot of sense.

Who among you is man enough to take on this challenge, this adventure, this great flannel experiment??

As for me, I'm thinking about a long winter's nap.

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