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Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather Q&A

Cotton sweaters are a mystery to many of us. We look at the washer and dryer in fear that these machines will wreck our beloved garments. "What's going to happen if I wear this sweater and I get a coffee stain on my first wear?" Will you be showing up to work with a wrinkly shrunken sweater? Not if we can help it!

Sweaters are chameleons of fashion; whether alone or partnered with a collared button up shirt, we can wear our sweaters on repeat...and get away with it. Let's take a look at some questions and answers that will help us maintain the lifestyle of our cotton sweaters.

Q: Are Cotton Sweaters Warm?

A: Yes they are! They breathe like we do and they comfort us like a snug soft hug. For instance, the better the cotton's quality (like the midweight cotton Drifter™ sweater) the better the added warmth in the brisk autumn days, icy winters, those misty spring mornings, and breezy summer nights...the only catch is that you will love your sweater forever.

Q: How do you care for cotton sweaters?

A: Always check the tag to see the care instructions: typically it's best to hand/machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergents. Avoid bleach for those stains (see: stain removal sprays). If the tag is gone it may be time to upgrade to something you'll hang onto for awhile: try the Supima three-quarter sleeve sweater. For extra care, take your cotton sweater to the park, a nice joyride down a country road, or insist on paying for dinner.

Q: Can you put cotton sweaters in the dryer?

A: Avoid the dryer as much as the tag suggests, but to avoid wrinkles grab a dry bath towel and lay the sweater down on top of it, flat and formed to the sweater's natural shape (see: dry flat). The Supima Jewelneck Sweater looks great when it's drying flat. Just imagine how it would look to that luncheon next weekend.

Q: How do you store cotton sweaters? Is it okay to hang them up?

A: Cotton sweaters are prone to stretching, so while it's best to avoid gravity altogether it's the method rather than the intent. Fold your cotton sweater in half, hotdog style, and store it in a drawer. Not enough drawer space? No worries, fold the sweater in half hamburger style and store it over the hanger bar. Extra tip: For an extra space saver, grab an under-bed storage bin to utilize that hidden space. If you plan to keep your sweaters in the basement or other storage area use plastic storage bins to keep any unwanted bugs from claiming your favorite garments as their own.

Q: Can you wear cotton sweaters year-round?

A: You certainly can. While they are most commonly worn in fall, winter, and spring, you may find yourself making reasonable excuses to cozy up to a summer campfire with a light Supima cotton cardigan. Cotton sweaters will be your first choice to carry you from a chilly October morning till you realize that you made it through July, no sweat.

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