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Tips on Picking the Right
Length for Your Winter Coats

Finding flattering clothing items to piece together is an art form. Discovering one's style is the kind of thing every woman develops over time through trial and error. There are many factors to consider: body type, personal tastes, lifestyle, fit and so on. The more you develop your style, the more you come to understand the importance of asking detailed questions that weren't even on your radar before.

When it comes to winter coats, there are several things you want to consider: material, fit, color and function are among the top. But another important thing to consider when picking out a winter coat is the length it should be.

What's the Temperature Going to Be Like and What Else Are You Wearing?

Have the temperatures dropped below zero degrees Fahrenheit and you find yourself in the middle of a snowstorm? Then you are going to want a heavy-duty winter coat that gives you as much coverage as possible. In the middle of tundra-like conditions, you are going to want to be wearing a long winter coat, which could be said is among the warmest winter coats.

Functionality and the ability to keep you warm become the biggest priorities. Fortunately, it's not hard to find long winter coats that are just as fashionable as they are functional. If it's an unseasonably warm winter day and you have an outfit that you want to show off, a hip-length coat may be more your style. No matter the length, the most important thing to do is invest in winter coats that are designed to withstand freezing temperatures, keeping you safe and snug when you have to brave the snowy weather.

What's the Material Like?

You can find just about every different length for every material of coat; there are long suede coats and short suede coats, long down coats and short down coats, long wool coats, and short wool coats. But sometimes a certain length just looks better. For example, a hip-length black leather jacket almost always looks better than a long leather jacket. But a long wool coat always looks more elegant than a short wool coat. When deciding what winter coat length is right for you, factor in the material of the coat and it will be easier to determine what the most flattering look will be.

What's the Occasion?

Are you and the family going to an outdoor winter festival in the community where you'll be walking around the street vendors for a few hours? You'll probably want a coat that is long enough to keep you sufficiently warm but isn't so long that it's difficult to walk in. A mid-thigh winter coat with a pair of thick, warm pants and boots should do the trick. Are you going to a winter wedding and need a coat that will protect your outfit from the weather elements but will also look incredibly chic when you show up to the wedding? A long women's wool coat may be the answer for you.

Ask yourself how often you will be wearing the coat in question and to what functions. Will it mostly be something you wear to work and school pickups? Then the length likely doesn't matter. Is it for a special occasion? Then long may be the way to go (considering longer usually means more elegant). However, if you need a winter coat to hike through the snowy wooded trails or for a day at a ski resort, leave the long winter coat at home. Instead, opt for something sportier and designed for expeditions.

Women's winter coatWomen's winter coatWomen's winter coats

Don't Limit Yourself to One Length

If you are going to have a few different winter coats in your closet, you might as well make them all varying lengths. Generally, there are three basic winter coat lengths every woman should have in her closet: a hip-length coat, a mid-thigh coat, and a mid-calf coat. Why not invest in all three? That way you have a different length for every type of occasion. There is the hip-length coat for the winter days when it's not too chilly and you have a cute pair of women's jeans you want to show off.

A mid-thigh length coat that comes in a variety of styles, colors, and materials to enhance the rest of your outfit. And finally, there is the long mid-calf coat you are going to want to have when you are required to brave arctic temperatures. A women's long winter coat is arguably the coziest coat you can find since it covers almost the entire length of your body and feels like being wrapped in a blanket.

If you're currently in the market for a new winter coat or two, but can't decide on the length, consider these tips and questions before making your purchase. Once you know what you're looking for, go for the jacket that warms your heart even on the coolest of days.

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