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What Makes a Canvas Tote Last So Long? | Lands' End

What Makes a Canvas Tote Last So Long?

Purses and bags can be tricky. Cheap ones fall apart quickly and it can be hard to find the money for something expensive. And oftentimes, pricy bags are no better than their low-cost counterparts. If you want something that will last and last (and won't break the bank), try a canvas tote from Lands' End. Made to survive all of your adventures intact, they combine strength and style in a way you'll love.

The Best Cotton Canvas

Every one of our totes is made from 24-oz. cotton canvas that's incredibly durable thanks to an ultra-tight weave that makes it almost impossible to tear. The smooth surface means it's also hard to snag or rip, so it can handle your toughest days. And since canvas is still breathable, you can rest assured that whatever's inside your bag will get plenty of air.

Super Strong Handles

Go ahead and load up your large canvas tote with groceries, shoes, books and anything else you need. Lands' End totes can hold up to 500 pounds before the reinforced handles break, so carrying a gallon of milk and a laptop in yours won't hurt it. Some styles even have a clip-on strap that turn them into a crossbody bag.

Countless Uses

As life changes, some items outlive their purpose. A purse with a delicate strap probably won't cut it if you have kids, and that sparkly, sequined-covered one will just collect dust if you move out to the country. But a good tote has so many uses – it can hold your yoga gear, act as a beach bag or diaper bag, carry books back from the library and so much more. It also makes a great carry-on for long flights.

Good Lookin'

Trends come and go, and today's hot purse might be tomorrow's eyesore. A women's tote bag is classic and timeless, so you won't feel funny carrying one a year or two from now. And you can dress up a tote, too. Choose one with metallic accents or a flowery print; you can also tie a silky scarf around one of the handles for a burst of color. If you want to keep it simple, go for basic black and add a monogram for a personal touch.

The Base is Ace

If you accidentally set a suede purse down in a puddle, you can kiss it goodbye – the leather won't ever look the same and what's inside might be ruined, too. The water-resistant base and trim on our totes holds up in the face of splashes, spills and accidents, though. Take it to the pool, out in the rain or on a play date with your little monsters and have fun without worrying.

All the Details

At Lands' End, we make sure every part of our totes is well-made. That means the zippers on the little interior pockets won't jam, and the reinforced stitching doesn't wear down or fray. Wide felled seams will keep your natural canvas tote standing upright for years to come, so your stuff won't spill out either.

To keep your tote looking good, clean it according to the directions on the label. Small marks and stains can be removed with a damp cloth and stain fighter, and some bags can be washed in the machine on cold and reshaped afterward.