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What Kinds of Clothes Do You Wear in the Fall?

What to Wear for Fall Activities

Fall is quickly approaching, which means your calendars are starting to fill up with fall-related activities. If you are wondering what to wear for the various events that lie ahead, we have you covered. From what style jeans to the perfect outerwear jacket, we will make sure you are dressed comfortably stylish. This might mean you will need to update your fall wardrobe, but new clothing will make saying good-bye to summer a bit easier. Here's when to start wearing fall clothes and a couple of our favorite outfits for autumn activities.

What Should I Wear on a Nature Hike?

Nothing beats a walk or hike through the breathtaking autumn scenery that mother nature gifts us each year. To fully enjoy the hike, you will want to make sure you are dressed in the right attire, so you can be more focused on the beautiful nature around you and less on how much your feet hurt.

First things first, you will want to wear a sturdy pair of hiking boots. With hiking boots, it’s worth investing a little extra money to make sure they are comfortable and will support you through mud and puddles. Next, we recommend a pair of active pants, leggings, or jeans that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Not only do full-length pants help protect you from bugs and the sun; they will ensure you’re warm enough.

Along the same lines, you will want to dress in layers, so you don’t overheat or get too cold. You can do this by wearing a short sleeve t-shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and then adding a jacket that fits the weather. A lightweight fleece jacket or vest is great for a warmer fall day, but if it’s on the colder side opt for a down coat.

Of course, we couldn’t forget that taking your dog on a nature hike is a great way to get them out of the house. If your furry friend is joining you, we recommend a squall jacket to help keep them warm and their tail wiggling.

What Should I Wear to a Football Game?

Whether you are attending your son’s high school football game or a college football game, you will want to dress in a similar style. The most important part of dressing for football games is wearing warm clothing since you usually are not moving around all that much.

For a start, decide want kind of pants you will want to wear. We recommend a pair of jeans or a warm pair of leggings. Skinny jeans are a great choice if you plan to wear any boot because they naturally tuck into your shoes--giving you a stylish look. If it is brutally cold out, it’s also not a bad idea to double-layer socks underneath your boots to make sure your feet are warm.

Deciding on a coat is the hardest part if it is a warmer fall day. A fleece jacket or any lightweight jacket is usually a great choice. You could also throw on a vest with a heavier sweatshirt for a different look. If it’s cold outside, wearing a winter coat is your best bet. You will also want to think about wearing a long thermal shirt and a heavier sweater underneath your jacket to maximize warmth. A hat, mittens, and a blanket are other excellent options to help combat the cold air.

What Should I Wear to the Pumpkin Patch?

One of the best parts of fall is going to a pumpkin patch with the family. The pumpkin patch is also a great place to take family pictures, which means you will want to dress warm and still be fashionable, so you’re ready for your close-up. We also recommend going to the pumpkin patch when it is a warmer fall day to help keep the kids happy and warm.

First, pick out your coat. Since you’re going on a warmer day, you have more choices for lightweight jacket or vest options. One of our favorites is the sweater fleece coat because it’s warm, stylish, and looks great with almost any outfit. If you pair this with skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans, you will have the perfect casual look. Finally, duck boots are your go-to shoes when it comes to being in style and warm. The best part is you can choose from different colors to guarantee they will match your outfit.

What Should I Wear to a Fall Party?

A party during the fall is almost guaranteed between football games every weekend and Halloween. It can be stressful figuring out what to wear, so you’re comfortable but also still look dressed up.

This is a great time to pull out one of your favorite sweaters. A cashmere sweater paired with a nice pair of pants is always a great go-to look for any gathering. You can even wear your favorite cardigan paired with a dressier shirt underneath for a different look. To help dress up these sweater looks you can add accent jewelry.

Another great option is throwing on a sweater dress, tights, and a tall pair of boots. This look is especially great if you’re attending a dinner party.

Before you know it, fall will be here and you don’t want to be unprepared for these almost inevitable activities. Hopefully, these fall wardrobe styling tips will make dressing for your fall activities less stressful. Not to mention, updating your fall wardrobe can also help ease the pain of saying good-bye to summer.