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Why Do Kids' Leggings Wear Out in the Knees so Fast?

Why Do Kids' Leggings Wear Out in the Knees so Fast? They're Not Made by Lands' End.

Little girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, but also big plans and an even bigger imagination! No doubt you’ve thrown away leggings with ripped knees that didn’t survive her last big adventure with the neighborhood kids or finally gave up after one dragon-slaying too many. Just as your boys need jeans that can stand up to their mischief, girls need leggings that can do the same. Comfortable pants are a must-have when it comes to saving the world, imaginary or not. We know just how important it is to have the right clothes when out on an adventure, which is why, here at Lands’ End, we equip all of our kids’ pants with Iron Knees that are just as tough as they are.

What Are Iron Knees?

Iron Knees are fabric patches that we build into our kids’ pants and girl’s leggings (which look adorable with our little girl’s dresses) to reinforce the material that gets the most wear and tear on a daily basis. Amazingly stretchy, it stops holes before they start, so she can wear her favorite leggings as much as she likes without worry. This innovative panel is also soft against her skin and won’t rub, pull or pucker in an uncomfortable way that will interrupt her fun. These patches are completely invisible on the inside, making them perfect companions to any outfit.

Strong Spandex

The problem with having clothes made out of a material that can adapt to move with you is that they can get stretched out and baggy quickly. At Lands’ End, we use nearly double the spandex of other kids’ fashion brands to create leggings that keep their shape and fit snugly longer. Everything is also wash-tested, so you can be confident that they won’t fall apart in your machine no matter how many times you find yourself trying to get grass stains out of them. Having the extra stretch is also important if your kids are especially active or are going to want to wear their leggings to sports practice on a regular basis. Don’t worry about her sliding into home base, her leggings can handle it!

Superior Performance

The tough knees aren’t the only good thing about our girls’ leggings. When compared to the competition, our leggings are much better at keeping their vivid colors after countless washes and also resist pilling much more than other versions. The fabric we use is also designed to be stronger, so you might even be able to pass them down to a little sister or friend. Take the money you save from replacing her leggings every other month and fill up her wardrobe with patterns and colors she’ll love to wear again and again. Not only is this a fun way to encourage her to style her own outfits; it also gives you a chance to wash that one pair of leggings she practically sleeps in!

Cute and Comfy

Don’t worry, we didn’t sacrifice an ounce of style in order to make these leggings as tough as we possibly could. The slimmer fit means they look adorable under our girl’s tunics and tees, as well as sweaters, and, thanks to the new easy-on waist, there won’t be any bulging or bunching. The best pants for playtime are the ones that she doesn’t have to adjust over and over again to keep comfortable, and our Iron Knees leggings fit the bill. You are sure to find something to fit your kids’ personalities here at Lands’ End, we have all sorts of fun patterns, sporty designs, bright colors, and your standard solids to choose from. Whether you need leggings for a day at the park or to match a cute Easter dress, we have the perfect pair for you.