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Best Sweaters to Wear When Fishing

Best Sweaters to Wear When Fishing

Who doesn't love to bask in the serene beauty of a body of water and a fresh catch? When you're out in nature, it's essential to dress for the weather. Just because you may get a little wet doesn't mean you can't sport a stylish sweater on your next fishing trip. This season, bring your fishing game to life with this list of the best sweaters for fishing.

Stay Warm

Above all else, outdoor clothing should be functional. When it comes to choosing the best sweater for fishing, it's important to understand the different materials available to you. First, you'll want to avoid cotton. Cotton soaks up water and takes forever to dry once it's wet. When you wear a wet cotton sweater at the lake or seaside, you leave yourself vulnerable to hypothermia, even on warmer weather days.

Wool for the Win

The best natural materials for fishing sweaters are wool. A flannel shirts paired with the perfect puff jacket are great for cold weather days, while a fleece jacket and lightweight sweater with a t-shirt underneath offers the best solution for a crisp summer morning.

For bottoms, look for pants that convert to shorts so you can continue to fish in comfort as the sun starts baking the landscape. For colder days, wear long underwear underneath your pants or even invest in a pair of fleece-lined pants. Always remember to bring sunscreen too, even in the winter. Water, snow, and ice reflect harmful UV rays so don't' forget to cover the underside of your chin, nose, and ears.

Snag is a Drag

While you're fishing, you'll want plenty of mobility in your arms so you can perfect your cast. Look for sweaters that have mobility in the shoulders, but aren't so loose that they catch and drag on everything. Chances are, you'll have a fishing vest on too, so be sure to choose a sweater that doesn't bunch up uncomfortably when you layer on a vest. Think like Goldilocks: not too tight, not too loose, but just right to offer you the mobility you need and comfort to go with the rest of your wearable fishing gear.

The best sweaters for fishing are ones that leave you warm, dry quickly, and keep hypothermia threats at bay. You want to look for a few options suitable for the climate you enjoy casting your line in. Reel in the big one this year while feeling cozy and confident.